Above, Building Committee (2006) reviews Town Hall roof drawings.
Building Committee/School Building Committee:

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The big question-marks:
  1. Tertiary treatment plant completed and working...when;
  2. Availability of fields for sports teams to practice and play, in Weston, this coming school year;
  3. Will the whole project stay "on budget" and "on quality" (and, by the way, "on time")?
  4. Since there will be banging and clanging at the high school for a few years, year-round, it is imperative that "swing space" be available (in the new 3-4-5 building) to handle emergencies, ie overflow for escaping noise and fumes, etc., if that turns out to be necessary.
  5. Also, please note that Middle School projects have slipped and redesign will most likely be needed for the new auditorium for that facility.  Early estimates by F-T for building the design were double the amount in the Referendum for this building project.
  6.  What about the Sports Complex?

After full report from Owner's Rep on discussions he has had with Westport-Weston Health District and the S.F.U. of the State Board of Education, project can continue if Town of Weston is serious about repairing water system defects (if any) and installing new, second well (with connecting piping to new and old facilities/circulating systems) where necesssary--after sufficient professional study and design (this is "About Town's" interpretation).  Also, letter from CTDEP does not, in the opinion of at least one of the members of the Board of Finance, recognize our water conservation efforts.


School Building Committee/Building Committee/DESIGN SUB-COMMITTEE, Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 7 pm (one-half hour earlier than normal):  LOCATION IS A NEW PLACE - FIREHOUSE MEETING ROOM (we assume this is the MAIN FIREHOUSE in the Town Hall Complex--UPSTAIRS)
  • Minutes/done.
  • Invoices/done - new Excel spreadsheet for monitoring referendum $$ used and distributed.
  • Water Supply System engineering firm selection/discussion of WWHD and DEP, DPH communications (State of CT closed for Lincoln's Birthday [actual]) regarding need for study of second well, distribution system;  timing re: school construction (no delay filing early papers--work should be on-going for approval of next phase steps);
  • DESIGN SUBCOMMITTEE: at 7:30pm Fletcher-Thompson presentation to sub-committee of 3-4-5 school and high school interior lighting and continuation of sight lighting/"3-4-5" school lighting discussed first ("About Town" did not stay past 9pm) and showed that each fixture will be reviewed for placement, overall selections coordinate with architecture--and, we note, the "Dark Night Sky" proposals in the legislature this session relate to this project, perhaps!  DESIGN SUB-COMMITTEE WORKS OVERTIME:  MEETINGS CONDUCTED AFTER REGULAR SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE SESSIONS THE NEXT FOUR MEETINGS.
  • Adjourn 

  • School Building Committee/Building Committee, Feb. 5, 20003, 7:30pm, Weston Library
  • Approve minutes/we were not present at this point
  • Approve invoices/ditto
  • Review studies and design (engineering proposal) for Campus water supply system*
  • Relocate modulars to High School**
  • Chair. to discuss sub-committees
  • Fletcher-Thompson to discuss lighting design (interior) - of all buildings, or just the high school?***  

  • * = rescheduled for next week (Town Engineer had to attend Budget Meeting)
    ** = we are not sure this matter was covered
    *** = full presentation next week--"design meeting" at 6:30pm, regular School Building Committee, including lighting matters, 7:30pm.

    School Building Committee/Building Committee, Wednesday, January 29, 2003, 7:30pm, Commission Room
  • Minutes/OK
  • Parks and Rec request to relocate trees at Morehouse Farm Park/no decision - further discussion
  • Fletcher-Thompson proposal for Xenon/Fire pump building/vote to proceed
  • Allen Swerdlowe to discuss Booster Barn/meeting report
  • Schedule for F-T presentations of lighting finishes, etc./"About Town" left before this discussion, but not before timing of approvals came up - many OK's coming in the next few months, including need for resolution of need for second well and water system/lines to meet State Standards (no new buildings on campus OK'd by S.F.U. until past problems resolved). 

  • School Building Committee/Building Committee,  Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 7:30pm, Commission Room
  • Minutes/no action
  • Parks and Recreation request to relocate trees at Morehouse/no action
  • Review application material to be presented to the Conservation Commission for the School Campus/briefly, draft version discussed.
  • O&G will present preliminary interior phasing plan for the High School construction project/draft discussed--apparently, phasing and timing of High School improvements and new construction will put the status of W.H.S. from October 2003 until December 2005 very much in an upset mode (anyone for air quality measurement)?  The new sections at W.H.S. will come first, linkage passageways between old sections to be constructed in a timely and, we presume, temporary, fashion. 

  • School Building Committee/Building Committee, January 15, 2003, 7:30 pm, Commission Room at Town Hall ("About Town" left at 10pm, before meeting ended--items were taken somewhat out of order as design review taken early).
  • Minutes/OK
  • Parks&Rec. request to proceed with play fields investigation/$45,000 OK'd
  • Invoices for approval/not all OK'd--but most important, it was moved and seconded to have the Chair. of the Committee and the Owner's Rep make payment decisions/recommendations--we do not have clear whether the School Building Committee delegated all powers in this matter to the two individuals or not...when bills are submitted, what is the exact procedure? (Perhaps the official minutes will explain this);  Owner's Rep also brought up need for organizational meeting prior to "receipt of application" of School Road Site Plan (disturbance/improvement) for Conservation Commission review/Public Hearing.
  • Select peer review firm/was not present for this
  • Fletcher-Thompson proposal for Xenon/fire pump building design/discussed.
  • Continuation of Site Plan presentation/discussion about lighting, planting near tennis courts.  

  • School Building Committee/Building Committee, January 8, 2003, 7:30pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall
    1.  Approval of minutes/done
    2.  High School Fire Alarm System/vote to approve Fletcher-Thompson fee ($23,000) for design of fire alarm system for existing high school ASAP--not to come out of bond issue funds;  much discussion about how to best accomodate Superintendent's wish to fix this safety problem without further delay.  First Selectmen to get request for these additional funds.
    3.  School Campus Site and Landscaping Plan presentation/civil engineer and landscape designer presentations;  there was some debate about fencing around the "Sports Complex" as well as concern about landscaping protection for the site of two new tennis courts.  "About Town" left at 10:15pm while discussion was still ongoing. 

    School Building Committee/Building Committee, Dec. 18, 2002, Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm
    1.  Call to order (verification of quorum of both the Building Committee and the School Building Committee)/eventual quorum of both groups;  recognition of service to former secretary (Town Clerk) for outstanding service for many years.
    2.  Minutes approval/done (when quorum appeared);
    3.  Town Engineer report on Middle School floor drains (capital budget proposal)/next phase of testing to go on--two bids in hand, another to come;
    4.  Board of Education proposal for reliable fire alarm system at Weston High School/action put off until other Building Committee members can review this item in the near future.  F-T reports on how a new fire alarm system will work into the old and new parts of W.H.S.--very little of this "hard wired" solution would have to be relocated after construction of school addition-renovation took place.
    5.  Fletcher-Thompson, O&G presentation of reconciliation of high school addition cost reductions/over budget by a small %, as best as can be determined, at this stage, and that amount will be affected more by the cost of high school renovation "surprises" than anything else (NOTE:  THIS IS "ABOUT TOWN'S" UNDERSTANDING AND IS NOT OFFICIAL);  "construction documents" phase to begin for 3-4-5 school project (quorum votes to do this and the next item--unanimously);  "construction documents" phase to begin, as well, for high school project, once detail on some fenestration is resolved no later than the next School Building Committee session January 8, 2003.

    School Building/Building Committee, Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 7:30pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall
    1.  Election of Officers/Richard Wolf, Chair., Joe Fitzpatrick, Vice-Chair.
    2.  Minutes/OK
    3.  Owner's Rep report - invoices/some OKd, some not (either questions about format or relation to actual budget expenditures so far)
    4.  Committee to present cost savings for 3-4-5 school/suggestion to cut out some design features not put in for functionality.
    5.  Fletcher-Thompson and O&G present design development cost estimates for High School and site work/F-T shows we are close to bonding number;  O&G shows more overage.  NOTE:  still need clear understanding of where Parks and Recreation improvements fit into on-Campus improvements (are these facilities being counted twice, or left out altogether--"About Town's" comment).

    School Building Committee, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4, 2002, 7:30pm IN WESTON LIBRARY:
    With a quorum present (Wolf, Swerdlowe, Fitzpatrick, Coprio, Stuebe, Pierson;  Gary across the parking lot at Conservation Commission, discussing tertiary treatment).
    1.  Approval of minutes/done
    2. Presentation and discussion of 3-4-5 school design development cost estimates by O&G and Fletcher-Thompson/over by @2 to 3%.
    3.  Discuss wall and fence types/still going on when "About Town" left at 9:30pm.  NEXT WEEK - site work and high school design development estimates, plus recommendations on 3-4-5 school (Dec. 18 is the time for construction documents phase to start...)

    School Building/Building Committee Wednesday, November 20, 2002, Town Hall Commission Room - 7:30pm-9:50pm
    1.  Minutes/approved
    2.  Soccer field resurfacing design proposal from Barry Blades/$17,500 proposal

    School Building Committee
    AGENDA, 7:30pm in the Library Nov. 6
    Soccer Field presentation from Sports Complex leader and athletic director/excellent case made for proceeding with School Road resurfacing for all-weather soccer field--over-used now, and during years of construction, fields will be at a premium
    Owner's Rep report (budget control report)/format shown.
    Adjourned at 9:35pm

    School Building Committee (SBC) - and Regular Building Committee (BC), Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 7:30pm-10:25pm, Commission Room at Town Hall
    1.  Approval of minutes (SBC)/done
    2.  Owner's Rep report/some bills paid, some deferred for later meeting;  NOTE:  under this agenda item were discussed matters of great importance to the Town--update on progress of septic solution, discussion of the SFU role (we have to make sure every "i" is dotted and "t" crossed).

    3.  Proposal for resurfacing soccer fields (BC)/School Building Committee members participated in discussion;  motion/second from Building Committee members (quorum present) to send letter to Board of Selectmen for presentation at 8am meeting Thursday, Oct. 31, 8am, to hold up on this matter until impact on all three parts of the Referendum and timing schedule has been comprehensively reviewed and no negative impacts to the school part of the program can be assured ("About Town's" wording--NOT OFFICIAL).  This relates to (scan down the LWV of Weston OBSERVER page) special multi-Board meeting.
    4.  Parks and Rec discussion of relationship between Parks and Rec and School Building Committee/done, very helpful.
    5.  Hurlbutt Window Replacement (BC)/this is the big, beautiful window in the cafetorium of South House, so lots of care to detail being taken (funded in previous budgets)
    6.  Invoice - H.S. Auditorium lights (BC)/discussed under item #2--we think they voted to pay it (?).
    7.  3-4-5 School design workshop (SBC)/this item taken earlier in the agenda as a courtesy to architects and construction manager;  architects officially offer to design "Booster Barn" to all codes in order to be sure the design work on Weston High School renovations and the new 3-4-5 school are not compromised--and also because the School Building Committee site planning efforts have come up with such a good result (it would be really ugly to have discordant element in such an import place on the newly renovated Campus); brick discussion, finer detail (larger scale drawings).

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Commission Room.
    Approval of the minutes of past meeting/OK'd
    Owner's Rep report/BILLS:  to Triton Environmental, OK, to Frederick Clark Assoc.--held for re-evaluation (checking our own records), to Angus MacDonald (disussion, OK'd).
    Site Plan Update, 3-4-5 school/3-4-5 site plan refinements (to be continued)
    Booster Barn discussion/design challenge now that it is to be in a prominant location.
    High School Design Workshop/continued discussion of design detail--particularly, grading impact on main building entry...is there one?

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room (or if not there, in the Library?)
    Approval of the minutes/done;
    Owners Rep report:second well needed--must get Selectmen to address this matter in FY04 budget (Leggett, Brashears & Grahm study for P&Z yr2000 reviewed);  technology consultant to be hired;  $135,000 remaining in bonding for water conservation and septic/sewer committee work;
    Invoices - Triton/further mapping needed for full A-2 picture on school campus (?)--work on Morehouse Farm Park has never gone through the School Building Committee yet;
    Design Issues-3-4-5 school/model shown (to be presented at Kiwanis this Saturday) and design critiqued...

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, October 9, 2002 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room

    School Building Committee for Wednesday, October 2, 2002 at 7:30pm in the Weston Library Community Room:
    1. Minutes of September 25, 2002: approved;
    2. Owner's Rep report--bills, etc. (borings, add cost of airconditioning; discussion of WWHD reminder on second well for Town-School use) - to be paid; report on office space in Jarvis project;
    3. Hurlbutt part of Bond items changed to $362,810, (down from @$1 million):  this revision has removed new drive at School Road, we think, added more parking, turned bus loop/queuing into snake shaped road close to softball field (with possibility of double+ queue in Bus Garage area) - approved 5-1-1 (five in favor, one opposed, one abstention);
    4. Preliminary Grading Plan: more detailed drawing shown, not finished yet--main thrust is to minimize intrusion into wetlands.  Neighbor comments on overly close school building and lack of response, in his opinion, to request to move 3-4-5 building as far as possible from his property line;
    5. High School Design Workshop continues;
    6. "About Town" left (after 10pm) prior to completion of the last mentioned item (or "Any other business...").

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, September 25, 2002, 7:30pm (we left at 10pm, Design Workshop winding down) in the Town Hall Commission Room.
    Minutes of Sept. 18, 2002/OK;  Invoices/paid;  3-5 Elementary School Design Workshop/took place;  Any other business:  neighbor of 3-4-5 school brought engineer and lawyer's letters asking that new building be set back further from his property.

    On an additional item ("any other business?"), Town Administrator and "Owner's Rep" propose to BUILDING COMMITTEE members improvements to the second floor of the Jarvis Military Academy for use as offices for Owner's Rep and the Conservation Planner, at a cost of $28,988.  Building Committee makes suggestions re:  heating/airconditioning approach, we think ("About Town" not known for construction hands-on prowess).

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, September 18, 2002, Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm
    Approval of the Minutes/done
    Invoices approval (not all OK'd), Elementary School bid discussion-approval/done although only one bid returned,
    Bus Barn Relocation services proposal:  Fletcher Thompson/strong opposition to diverting attention and funds from main projects authorized by Town Meeting--if money came from another source than the $79 million bonding, this activity could be accomplished.
    Technology Consultant services:  Design Development phases/ letter read from school Techology person--School Building Committee OK with this proposal as described by Owner's Rep., 3-4-5 Elementary School and High School Design Workshop/we left at 10:35pm.

    Special School Building Committee DESIGN WORKSHOP on Weston High School Design Development Town Hall Meeting Room, Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 7:30pm; AGENDA includes approval of minutes, also. 
    School Building Committee Wednesday, September 4, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room--ALL 10 MEMBERS PRESENT (plus 3 members of Board of Education in audience, Director of Finance for schools;  neighbors of 3-4-5 and Sports Complex present.  Owner's Representative on board!  (Harold Mindel [?]).

    AGENDA (finished before 10pm)
    Minutes of August 28, 2002/OK;  Question about Fire Marshall's request for more storage space in 3-4-5 brought up--answer next week;  Site Plan Updates/new plan has track flipped, tennis courts (6) in same general area (some same as exist);  3-4-5 Design Development progress drawings/will be available in smaller size in Town Clerk's Office;  High School Design Development progress drawings/fenestration, design of roof of gym fitting into overall design discussed. 

    School Building Committee Wednesday, August 28, 2002:
    AGENDA and unofficial report. School Building Committee Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room
    AGENDA - Approved minutes; Middle School Ejector Pump (done), drainage project to be discussed next week;  Discussion of role of Facility Manager/Weston Schools - not really discussed (both Board of Education and Building Committee want a better experience with communication and implementation of these projects than has been done before); Design Development drawings of high school project begun--window spacing, roof lines reviewed;  middle school auditorium cost savings--Board of Education will work on this some more this coming week.

    School Building Committee - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 7:30pm-@9pm, Commission Room:
    AGENDA/what was accomplished:

    School Building Committee - Wednesday, August 7, 2002 at 7:30pm until 11pm in Community Room at Weston Library.  Agenda included, and summary of what traspired written for each of three items;  neighbors attend plus 9 of 11 School Building Committee members (plus First Selectman, High School Principal, architects, construction manager):
    School Building Committee - July 31, 2002.  Neighbors of the Sports Complex came and told the School Building Committee in no uncertain terms of their displeasure with the above proposal as it affected the livability of their properties (the property line setback more than half the distance that, in a similar project in Fairfield, neighbors had prevailed in legal opposition two years ago - summary from lexis.com, submitted by neighbor).  After "pruning," high school budget still $2 million above Referendum number.  Discussion ensued after 10pm on the subject of School Building Committee response to all neighbors located near school and sports projects.

    School Building Committee - July 24, 2002, Wednesday, WORKSHOP with the Board of Education reviews cost savings for 3-5 building and site development at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Commission Room.  "List of Cost Reduction Items" for 3-4-5 and site development as well as high school had goals for reduction, as listed on O&G 7/24/2002 document and simplified for viewing audience as:  $4,666,479 for High School and $673,119 for 3-4-5 school (and concomitant site work) .  After three hour+ meeting, these goals had not yet been achieved (because the Committee had not gotten to the High School yet);  more next week on high school and middle school (7:30pm Wednesday, July 31).

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 7pm, Town Hall Meeting Room:
    7pm - Owner's representative #3 interview - Committee makes decision but this WEBpage will not reveal the choice out of courtesy to Town of Weston Building Committee.
    7:40pm - South House Roof - Committee decides what they think is the best solution and votes to recommend this action (I don't really have the background to say exactly what they did)
    7:45pm - Conservation Commission report from CC Chair. - this was done first - lots of meeting time ahead for School Building architects, construction managers, owner's rep and Committee to get projects passed by CC (editorial opinion)
    8:15pm - O&G/FT report on School Project Estimate - down to $8 million overage (agreed upon by architect and construction manager and their cost estimators)

    Denied without prejudice, the Town of Weston can reapply for Conservation Commission approval for use of Bisceglie Park - or some other place, or some other concepts.  The reasons given were:
    1. Feasible and prudent alternatives for constructed or conventional septic fields on the designated site or other sites were not adequately examined.
    2. The application was incomplete because the applicant did not present a public health certificate for the constructed septic system and did not adequately explain why it was not available.
    3. The application was also incomplete because it did not adequately address protection of a Class A river and associated wetlands from water and effluent runoff and the use and effects of fertilizers and pesticides by providing examples of working systems (constructed septic field, ball fields and parking lot) under similar environmental conditions.

    School Building Committee Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 6:45pm in the Weston Library Stacks area:
    AGENDA - at 6:45pm, Interviews of two of three candidates for owner's representative;  8pm, Discussion of cost estimates for the project.  Reports by O&G and Fletcher-Thompson (highlights from summary sheet prepared by O&G):
    Referendum estimate:$79,435,000 - at the July 10 School Building Committee, attended by First Selectman, Selectman, Chair of the Board of Education, and 10 of 11 members of the Committee, recriminations for Conservation and DEP problems surface;  architect and construction manager soldier on;  next week the meeting will be a discussion of reconciled estimates
    Fletcher-Thompson  estimator says total cost is $81,247,057
    O&G estimator says total cost is $89,728,379

    School Building Committee Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at 7:30pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall...
    AGENDA includes - reports on Bisceglie project, South House roof, DEP status, revised High School facade, revised 3-4-5 site plan

    School Building Committee, 7:30pm, June 19, 2002, Commission Room at Town Hall
    AGENDA...with a quorum present, the following items were discussed and acted upon:
    School Building Committee (June 12) in the Stacks of the Weston Library:
    PRESENT:  Richard Wolf, Joe Fitzpatrick, Don Gary, Doug Steube, Ellen Uzenoff, Dave Coprio, John Cunningham (left at 8pm), Frank Lupo, Allan Swerdlowe, Michael Greenberg (100% of the membership); Cynthia Williams; WHS - Mary Kolek, ass't; Hurlbutt - Dr. T;  WMS - Darli Ebling;  Board of Ed - Barbara Ford, Laura Smits, Les Wolf;  Bob Atkinson (left at 8pm-returned later), Board of Finance;  Doris Fiotakis (Drama, WHS) plus sound contractor; neighbor, Parade Ground Court;  CONSULTANTS included O&G rep, Blades&Goven (2), Fletcher-Thompson (5), and "About Town."

    This meeting took from 7:30pm until around 10:30pm.  Held in the "Stacks" at Weston Library on a busy night for meetings, First Selectman Woody Bliss and Town Administrator Tom Landry dropped in to consult about WHS sound system issue - report next week on what happened after Town Attorney was consulted about need for competitive bidding on this project.

    Invoices for design work were approved totally $253,700.50 (for work done between March 16 and April 30) - please see official minutes for which items are what % complete, as well as who moved and who seconded this motion.

    MEETING SUMMARY (unofficial, of course):
    WHS plans were reviewed.  For the whole School Road series of projects, July 10 will be when Design Development starts.  There are overages on consultant fees and $$ for owners representative.  Discussion took place about "ED SPECS" and which were funded in the Referendum and which had to be revised to meet the $79 million total in the Referendum cost estimate.  The new 3-4-5 lower middle school was presented along with studies of how to move the building, the bus lane and turnaround and then the parking for alternate 'B' and 'C' to satisfy both the neighbors on Parade Grount Court as well as keeping a "Greensward" and not a parking lot, as the view out of school rooms.

    The Weston High School Auditorium issue then arose.  As noted above, there is more to come on this next week.  The Weston Middle School Auditorium budget has been scaled back in size approximately 4000 sq ft (fewer seats) and the extra music-associated rooms and other related renovations put in the first Referendum item's budget (we think) in order to reduce the large overage estimated for this project.  This project in its new form will have estimated made now by O%G. 

    Special Town Meeting on 16 Parade Ground Court (May 30, 2002):
    It was so close that a few votes would have made a difference.  Many questions were asked, statements made (especially interesting was a previous "no, no, no" voter saying he was going to vote "yes" to keep the previously expressed "will of the majority" going forward).

    It is the opinion of this WEBpage that the turning point came when the Chair. of the School Building Committee and the Board of Education member on that body spoke clearly and eloquently in favor of the purchase.  One of the particular details of this Town Meeting was the introduction of a League of Women Voters idea to call for a secret ballot (made at this meeting by, we think, a PTO "SCOOP" representative).

    There were two (2) votes taken, however.  The first, the traditional way, was for the issue to be decided on a "standing count" on the item before the meeting related to 16 Parade Ground Court (or, in more archaic terminology, "I call for a division of the house").  The first vote required Town Meeting to stand and vote "yes" or "no" on whether to have a "standing count" on the main question or not.  It failed by a 78 ("NO")-53 ("YES") vote.

    The meeting proceded to take a secret ballot on the main question ("yes" was in favor of purchase of 16 Parade Grount Court and to take the funds from the already approved $80 million Bond Issue).  After sending the Town Meeting voters to three (3) different locations in the Weston Middle School cafeteria by street in alphabetical divisions, a simple "yes" or "no" sheet was filled out or checked off and given to the Registrars and Special Assisitant Registrars at the three locations by the voters inserting the small piece of paper in a wooden box.  After this took place, many people left, not waiting for the results tobe tallied!!!  But the results came promptly, before 10pm.  They were:  81 "YES" and 64 "NO" - the main motion passed.

    NOTE: What this tells "About Town" is that those at Town Meeting were present to show support for their neighbors in public, but to vote in favor of the school project and thus against their neighbors on a secret ballot.  And there are other reasons as well.

    Fourteen (14) people did not vote on the first motion who voted on the main motion by secret ballot...who were these voters?  They did not want to stand up and be counted voting against the administration or PTO (i.e. had the first count passed, and a standing vote had been taken - and the main motion had failed, it is presumed that a motion for reconsideration and a secret ballot would have been made anyway.  And that vote would have  been "YES" on the main motion.)

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, May 29, 2002, Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm
    A short agenda but a long meeting;  Nature Center Ad Hoc Committee brings forward architect contract for review for Lachat Property development as education center/entry to The Den.  High School Auditorium Lighting discussed re: how this project, OK'd at ATBM, will be bid out and completed in a timely fashion.  Fireworks at "owner's representative" item - was there ever a vote to authorize Chairman to procede with securing staffing--and if so, who from the Committee/Town/etc. should review responses to advertisement.  As an interested citizen, "About Town" might want to know some of these answers--and wonder why so many communications take place via e-mail???  Are these communications open for public inspection???

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, May 22, 2002, Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm
    1.  Report on contract with Brooks Laboratory for East and South House window projects/to be moved along
    2.  Bisceglie Park Project Update/nothing new--State DEP still considering status of septic fields at Park
    3.  Order of Magnitude Budget Review for entire school project/at this point, expectation of "overrun" might be more than $8 million without revisions--Committee wants to bring the costs back to Town Meeting approved amounts.  "About Town" will not publish more detailed reports until the School Building Committee has had time to digest this information--in fact, Fletcher-Thompson wants an extra week to work on their own estimate of costs before we get into June cycle of "Design Development."  There will be a short School Building Committee meeting next week to approve immediate projects with proper contract procedures related to the School Construction effort.

    School Building Committee and Design Workshop, Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room
    Approval of Minutes/done, Ejector Pump (WMS)/OK, Bisceglie Park Update/given, South and East House window projects/moving ahead, Invoices (to pay for consultants on traffic, etc., plus Fletcher-Thompson work in schematic design)/OK, Discussion of May 8, 2002 Master Plan Project Schedule/some things are behind, some things are probably over budget--will know better next week-DRAFT booklet several inches thick presented to members of the School Building Committee); DESIGN WORKSHOP on 3-4-5 School.

    School Building Committee and Design Workshop, Wednesday, May 8 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room
    "Weston Sports Complex" architect and leader present option for lighted field (s) to School Building Committee--which is not enthused with the lighting concept, but does work with "Complex" architect to explain how the site plan has changed in recent weeks.  The large area for paved parking and the large area footprint for new "Booster Barn" shown in not-to-scale drawing may change after the School Building Committee showed their revised site plan to the "Complex" reps.  This meeting lasted until @10:20pm, with perhaps the last hour devoted to the WHS plans and neighbors of the "Complex" explaining to the Building Committee what they would live with and what was unacceptable.

    School Building Committee and Design Workshp, Wednesday, May 1 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room
    Review of Outstanding Invoices
    Bisceglie Park Report/presented brielfly--discussion of how the timetable for construction hangs on Bisceglie projects.
    South House Roof Report/nothing new
    Design Workshop - 3-4-5 School and School Campus Site Plan

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, April 24, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room
    Approval of minutes; done, with quorum present.
    South House Roof project update;  will be done with Building Committee supervision
    Bisceglie Park project update;  May 1 opening of discussion at Conservation Commission;  emphasis on oversight and management of projects given by School Building Committee Chair;  Parks and Recreation points out that its bonding amount should not be spent on items not part of Morehouse Farm Park development or Bisceglie Park fields. This part of the meeting ended at 8:35pm.

    Design Workshop
    Middle School Auditorium and additions
    3-4-5 School--this item deleted and replaced by discussion of "campus site plan" 9am Tuesday.  Meeting ended at 10:05pm.

    Dessign Workshop/School Building Committee, April 17...next meeting in one week...
    So what is the latest?  O&G at work...Reese Hobin to be at next Building Committee meeting (with indication of where we are $$); Design Workshop on 17th at earlier hour--7pm;  Special Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting April 22 at 7:30pm...
    Committee meeting weekly--things picking up...Hurlbutt Roof-related projects to be handled "in-house" with supervision by Building Inspector (May 17 is 'inspection' for roof and facade)...
    State of Connecticut DEP will not allow us to go ahead with on-campus septic systems (on Revson)--after tertiary treatment on campus, all "clean" effluent to go to Bisceglie septic fields--to be constructed/designed under new baseball fields there.  Approvals could come and work begin by the end of July.

    For more about "Design Workshop" on 3-4-5 and High School, click HERE.

    Bisceglie Park Plan to Conservation for "receipt" Wednesday, April 10, 7:30pm:
    School Building Committee April 10 (Wednesdays - at 7:30pm in the Weston Library) to finalize designs for High School
    At the School Building Committee on April 3, it was revealed that the acquisition of 16 Parade Ground Court was going to happen;  MEETING, MARCH 21, 2002, TOWN HALL COMMISSION ROOM...COINCIDED WITH BOARD OF SELECTMEN'S MEETING--CONSTRUCTION MANAGER SELECTED BY SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE...confirmed at April 4 Selectmen's meeting...

    PRIOR TO DESIGN WORKSHOP AT 7:30PM (IN COMMISSION ROOM) EXECUTIVE SESSION TUESDAY, Feb. 27, 7pm to 7:30pm - "Contract Negotiations" (for Construction Manager??? or for something else???). 

    From what we could see through the windows of the Commission Room, Construction Management firms were being interviewed by the School Building Committee (in executive session) Wednesday evening, Feb. 20...
    School Building Committee Wednesday, February 20, 2002 7pm Executive Session with, it is reported now, the Board of Selectmen;  7:30pm Construction Manager Interviews, Town Hall Commission Room...does the public have a right to know about more than they are being told?  Frankly, it is better not to know sometimes...then the only people who can be blamed for mistakes made later are the people who made sure that no one else knew what was going on in the first place!
    School Building Committee Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 7:30pm-10pm, Town Hall Meeting Room:  in attendance - Wolf, Steube, Cunningham, Fitzpatrick;  Gary, Uzenoff, Swerlowe;  Engineer John Conte, Architrct Joe Costa (F-T), Uzenoff, Juneau (P&R); Town Administrator Tom Landry, Cynthia Williams.  NOTE:  actions taken at meetings where mistakes in procedure have been made might be subject to procedural objections...and by the way, is the "School Building Committee" a different body from the "Building Committee" and is it necessary to have separate postings for these two organizations?

    AGENDA: Actually a discussion not on the agenda (poorly explained on the official notice) of how the Town Engineer is dealing with pump problem at Middle School;  bids reported on re:  plumbing fixtures.  Votes to be taken at meeting of the 20th--isn't it only in executive session???  Too much going on at once--but of course, "About Town" has been saying this long enough to be mistaken for a broken record...and finally, the only item on the agenda came up--discussion of "Project Scheduling." This meant that the Building Committee (not "school" building committee?) had to schedule its own projects--10 of them--to be supervised IN ADDITION TO BOND ISSUE SCHOOL PROJECTS by the same individuals.  The attendance at this meeting was not good--only a bare quorum of the Building Committee (4).  There were three (3) members of the School Building Committee in attendance...these are the ten (10) projects and assignments (first names only for privacy):

    1. South House Windows - Joe and Frank
    2. East House Windows - Joe and Frank
    3. Septic Treatment - Don and Mike
    4. Bisceglie Park - Dave and Allen
    5. Morehouse Farm Park - John and Doug
    6. Revson Field - Don and Mike
    7. Hurlbutt - Allen and Ellen
    8. Toilet Fixture (campus) - Doug and Dave
    9. Ejector Pump - Town Engineer
    10. Middle School Roof and Floor Drains - Town Engineer 
  • School Building Committee,Feb. 13, Wednesday, 7:30pm Town Hall Commission Room; some invoices ok'd, consultants approved (this is what "soft costs" means)...executive session re:  choice of construction manager.
  • Design Workshop Feb 12 -HERE for reports on previous doings of this sub-committee...no voting here...
  • School Building Committee Feb. 6 in Executive Session to discuss contract...no decisions made here.

  • in executive seeion--we will not thus being attending...
    Special Building Committee Meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room
    Tentative AGENDA:  four items, including East House window replacement design services (Fletcher-Thompson), traffic impact and access analysis proposal (Frederick P. Clark);  constructionmanager proposals discussion; any other business (are they allowed to do this for a Special Meeting?)

    School Building Committee Design Workshop, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room
    Design workshop with School Building Committee, Board of Education, and Parks and Recreation, and Fletcher-Thompson - great meeting:  read about details of it HERE.

    Design Workshop participants critique Fletcher-Thompson, the process.

    School Building Committee, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2002, 7:30-10pm, Commission Room of Town Hall
  • Discussion on number and length of meetings and workshops/7:30-10pm limits
  • Discussion on Supplemental Survey Mapping School Campus/must have one A-2 for the campus
  • Discussion/decision on RFP for school bathroom fixtures/ready to be sent out
  • Discussion on Middle School Proposal for pump and drainage:  Fletcher-Thompson
  • Discussion on proposal for fees for supplemental professional design service/East House Window Replacement, F-T
  • South House Window replacement, F-T/now an environmental problem remediation case
  • Proposals for geotechnical and ecological services, F-T/for going to Conservation and the Army Corps 

  • Building Committee Design Workshop: Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2002, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room
    For link to Design Workshop page (official notice indicates that this is a "preliminary" design workshop).

    SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE, WEDNESDAY, January 2, 2002, Weston Library, 7:30pm-10:50pm.
    SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE, Wednesday, Dec. 19(Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm)
    First Selectman in attendance at School Building Committee...as well as Parks and Recreation Chair. and Town Administrator:
    With almost complete School Building Committee attendance, business done included adding an item to their agenda regarding changes to the Education Specifications by the Board of Education (reducing size of 3-4-5 by 2 rooms or 2,700 square feet).  The Chair. of the Board of Education made this presentation, noting that on the advice of a demographics consultant, the Board decided to make the above recommendation.  In action based on the Dec. 13, 2001 letter from the Board of Education to this effect, the School Building Committee unanimously affirmed committment to this new Ed. Spec. - let schematic design to begin soon!

    An RFP for Construction Management for the school projects was presented by the School Building Committee member assigned this task, and it was approved for use in soliciting submissions by (O&G and Turner).  The problem of shifting personnel in a long-term (4 years) effort was discussed.

    East House final invoice was approved-with-holding $400 until evidence of growing grass was clearly visible.

    A Sports Complex, funded up to $2.4 million by contributions (not yet garnered) was proposed by a citizen.  This would provide an artificial football field to go with the artificial track--and be ready sooner than the plan approved by the voters at Referendum.  A new Booster Barn and soccer field may be able to be included.  The Building Committee gave its unanimous approval to the idea of forwarding the process so long as the main goal of school, septic construction would not be interfered with.  This meeting ended with the commitment of the Regular Building Committee (which meets twice a month--next on January 9) to meet on the alternated Wednesday evenings for "Design Workshops" to make sure Weston gets the best architectural solution possible within budget.  The meeting adjourned at 10:30pm approx.

    SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE "Contract Sub-Committee Meeting"
    Monday, December 17, 2001
    7:30pm Town Clerk's Office

    With more than a quorum present, the School Building Committee conducted a 2 and 1/2 hour meeting (7:30-10pm, approx.).  A member was designated to represent the Building Committee at a Dec. 13 meeting with the First Selectman and the Jarvis Military Academy Committee.  Next, minutes of November 19, 2001 meeting were approved.

    Discussion with the Board of Education Executive Committee took place.  The "Ed Specs" are being revised by the Board of Education to reflect Dr. Prowda's lowering of projected maximum student population eight years out.  Specifically, the new 3-4-5 school is anticipated now to be topping out at 669 in 2008, rather than 750.  The Chair. of the School Building Committee needs the numbers in December so that work on design, etc. can begin--to keep to the schedule.  It was remarked that time lost in the beginning of projects, or the converse, loomed most significant as work progressed later on.

    Discussion with Don Gary, Septic Committee Chair., then took place.  The new news is that DEP has not officially given its OK to septic fields and their capacity at Revson.  Conservative planning would thus require septic fields at Bisceglie be developed and connected to the School Road facilities.  Conservation measures, low flow devices and design of a tertiary treatment plant (behind the Middle School, near the Town Garage) are next on the docket for the Select Committee...

    Discussion with Robert Uzenoff, Parks and Recreation Commission and staff revealed that coordination in some of the approved projects from Referendum will be required to get the whole school upgrade underway (in the opinion of this WEBsite).  Playingfields for school activities, including tennis courts replacing the Town Courts next to the existing football field, would be provided at Bisceglie--if that part of the whole plan is begun early enough...coordination of site work, to save money, would be advantageous, as well.

    Discussion RFP for Construction Manager as well as note to discuss the charge and mission of the design subcommittee will take place at a future meeting.  The Building Committee/School Building Committee meets the first and third Wednesday of the month (the first in the Weston Library Community Room, the third in the Town Hall Commission Room).  We did not pick up which room the Design Subcommittee would use on the second and fourth.  Special Meetings are posted and located as required.

    REFERENDUM PASSED NOVEMBER 15, 2001 - Full speed ahead on doing the $79+ million will of the majority...

    Present:  Dave Coprio, John Cunningham, Ellen Uzenoff, Richard Wolf, Michael Greenberg
    The meeting began at 7:34pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall.  In reviewing the text of the draft flyer to be sent out to all households, members of the Building Committee felt that more could be said in support of the proposal for $80 million dollar bond issue.  As noted by members of the School Building Committee, at "coffees" around town (at least one referred to specifically) attended by members of the Board of Education and the recently discontinued "Select Team" for school planning, attendance has been slight, but generally misinformed until the "coffee" presentation.  For possibly approving a rewriting of the flyer, it was suggested that another meeting on Monday next (must be posted by Friday at 4:30pm) be held.  NOTE:  This last event may or may not take place (only this observer's impression).  Adjourned at approximately 8:30pm plus or minus a few minutes.

    Building Committee Agenda, October 17, 2001:
    Town Hall Commission Room, 7:30pm
    1.  Discussion of close-out work on Septic Fields/tabled
    2.  "               "      "          "      "   East House Roof/discussed
    3.  "               "  time-frame and procedure to south House Roof Project/discussed
    4.  "               "      "            "         "        for replacement of South House windows/discussed
    5.  Any other business...discussion of approval of text for referendum.

    At the Board of Finance on Thursday, October 11...
    Building Committee Chair. supports First Selectman and proposals while reminding assembled multitude that more work than is included in the 3 resolutions proposed to the Board of Finance, now to go to Town Meeting and Referendum, must be done (in his Committee's professional opinion) to Hurlbutt.  No one was listening--or wanted to hear it.

    School Building Committee, September 19, 2001
    At this brief meeting, a bill was approved and another proposal on roof design was tabled.

    Special School Building Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 15...waiting for final word that will eliminate off-site building location (preK-2 at Bisceglie). NOTE:  first surveyor attacked by yellow jackets in the midst of taking measurements at Bisceglie--job  awarded to second surveyor.  Results of second survey not available until August 28 Select Team meeting.  NOTE:  not ready then, either.  Otherwise, School Building Committee endorsed latest revisions plus relocated School Road (one "no" vote on this part of the program).  There will be an early meeting prior to the Special Selectmen's Meeting Tuesday, August 21 (in Town Hall at 7:30pm--we think this is the right time, etc.).

    REVISION #9 discussed at Select Team--to be voted upon, perhaps, by School Building Committee Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at its 7:30pm meeting in Town Hall Commission Room.  Bisceglie option for preK-2 may be laid to rest as well as definition of final budget figure for whole project...or maybe not.

    Board of Finance (August 9) OK's funds to continue consultant on school plan (for preparation for next Town Meeting) - up to $45,000...discussion of timeline made with expected vote between Election Day and Thanksgiving.  Big meeting coming up August 21 (at Board of Selectmen) with decision having to be made by September 1 in order to meet above end date for vote on school project.

    Informal School Building Committee meeting July 25 at 7:30pm:
    Indications are (to this WEBpage, at least) that a 3-4-5 school and renovations to the high school (totally @$60million) will be what we end up with...wasn't that what O,R&L suggested?

    What happens now that Item #4 was defeated at Machine Vote...what will the Board of Selectmen do to keep the architect working over the summer...design sub-committee of the School Building Committee cancelled July 5th 7pm meeting...School Building Committee to meet Wednesday, July 11, 2001, 7:30pm in Weston Library.

    No meetings of this group since Adjourned Town Meeting said "NO" by 15 votes...
    Special Meeting of Sub-Committee on Design, Monday, June 18, 2001 at 7:30pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall began early, and then had to move to the Meeting Room (Planning and Zoning Commission had reserved it for its regular meeting at the beginning of the year).  Fletcher-Thompson team represented by five staff members plus landscape design/traffic planner (we think that is who he was)--this a really big project, with two major buildings involved (new 3-4-5 school plus High School renovations).  Discussion of:
  • massing and location of new building (3-4-5),
  • circulation within Weston High School,
  • consultants on civil engineering and traffic planning,
  • Ed Specs dated May 7 - "About Town" to attempt to get a copy of these - and how to best meet these standards while still making consistent architectural statement.
  • Road location and possible need to have emphasis on circulation within the superblock of School Road Complex.
  • Four members of School Building Committee present plus another architect who lives in Town.  "About Town" attended from @7:15pm to 9:30pm.

    School Building Committee gets OK from Selectmen...
    Special Building Committee Meeting, Monday, June 11, 2001 at 7:30pm in Weston Library "stacks" recommends moving forward this summer on "sketch planning" for 3-4-5 school and renovations to Weston High School ($754,600 to the architect)...to go to Special Town Meeting June 21, 2001 at 8pm in W.H.S. Auditorium

    Special Building Committee Meeting,Tuesday, June 5, 2001
    1.  Review Fletcher-Thompson's fee and contract proposal for the designing of a new grades 3,4,5 school/no report from F-T or representative to Select Team recommending an option
    2.  Review Select Team's recommendation for school expansion project/see above
    3.  Review contract for East House Roof/done partially
    4.  Review South House window bid documents/done
    5.  Review of replacement fields for South House and East House septic fields/more work explaining this needed. 
    Building Committee Meeting on May 9, 2001 at 7:30pm lasted until 10:30pm - this meeting had been posted as well by the Select Team...Board of Education also co-sponsoring;  standing room only; architects/construction managers presented costs for Scenario #1b and Scenario#3 and noted ALL the possible alternatives to these and possible areas to cut had backup but would not be presented at this meeting unless requested. 

    Sequestered in the stacks of Weston Library, the School Building Committee members heard from O&G/AP, the construction managers, that the cost of the alternatives being considered would be...bigger than a breadbox (no numbers being allowed to be mentioned before they are REALLY sure...presumably so that the Board of Selectmen, who will make the decision about which alternative flies, will not be sandbagged).  Also, no one wants to say the number until analysis can be done that revises some aspected of the plan to a workable figure). 

    SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE SELECTED CONSTRUCTION MANAGER ON 4-1 VOTE...Board of Selectmen 4-5-01 at Special Meeting approves contract and meet construction managers from O&G and AP.

    How about the comment at Wednesday's Select Team meeting, from Fletcher-Thompson, that the footprint for the 3-4-5 school shown on O,R&L Plan was not the right size for a school building of this type!  This puts the first choice site for a 3-4-5 by the Building Committee in doubt...is this correct?  If so, why didn't any other Board or the Building Committee itself notice?

    Click HERE for Fletcher-Thompson four alternatives..."outline" only...
    Feb. 21 meeting of Building Committee produced sheaf of papers, a copy of which is available at the Town ClerK's Office.  "About Town" attended the meeting and received all documents.  NOTE: among the six separate memoranda is a major document "Various Scenarios-Proposed Matrix."

    Fletcher-Thompson speaks at community meeting on Saturday, March 3--no drawings yet, but indications given that:  the size of the "Field House" in previous plan twice as large as other neighboring communities' (if lockers are revamped at the existing building) and two story addition above existing classrooms not workable.  NOTE:  Tai Soo Kim had suggested addition at W.H.S. at front of building (rather than a second story), expressing design considerations for distinct use of space as new unit (maybe air-conditioned--my idea). 

    FOR THE RECORD: Building Committee interviewed architects and made choice (Fletcher-Thompson; Jim Beaudin) to recommend to Board of Selectmen;  all three firms were excellent, and the members of the Building Committee were appreciative of their patience and cooperation in this convoluted process.

    About Weston skips Selectmen's discussion of insurance policies, attends instead...
    What was particularly interesting about this Special Board of Education meeting called to deal with "Handling Enrollment Growth" was the emergence of pre-school parents (very angry at the Board of Education) who were concerned about the possible loss of their entitlement of modified full day kindergarten. They and others spoke during "Public Comment."  Points made were:
  • Select Committee should not be given more than 90 days to come up with sewage disposal alternative
  • No one will be happy with the outcome
  • Three speakers pro-new high school
  • One "forget about it"
  • Year-round school with air-conditioning and siblings "tracked" to assure that vacation schedules meld; re-negotiate teachers contract; field house with underground parking garage (this person said he has 10 month old and 6 year old)
  • 1/2 day kindergarten OK as interim--but remember Claire Gold's report!  Also, the "new high school" is actually what O,R&L proposed making out of the old high school;  put what is going to pass on the ballot
  • Consider kindergarten at churches;  use Library Community Room for art/music;  St. Francis parking lot a good site for portables?  Re-negotiate teachers contract--maybe teachers could have lunch in their classroom with their class?  Be more creative.
  • When will 2000-2001 decision re: kindergarten be made?  (No answer--this was discussed later)
  • Portables for kindergarteners not good
  • select lesser of evils (i.e. long enough day as opposed to 1/2 day just to stay on campus[?])
  • Breezing through the agenda, "Dr. T" (Dr. Len Tomassello, Hurlbutt) then addressed the Board regarding solutions he and his team had found.  In summary:

    The assumptions made were that modified full day was still the best--cited Claire Gold report re: early intervention.  Link here to conclusions of the report:Conclusions printed here.

        1. there will not be more than this year's 5 new portables (in place at the Weston Middle School) allowed
        2. current level of service for all grades
        3. IF level of service to children must be curtailed, THEN only 4th grade would be exempt.
        PERSONNEL:  Kindergarten teachers must not be forced to teach two sections of 24 children each in the same day
        FACILITIES:  East House for Kindergarten and first grade only;  South and North House should mix grades 1-2-3- and 4. NOTE:  if the Westport-Weston Health District could be prevailed upon to permit more portables on the Hurlbutt site, a place for 5 more portables between the Library/North House and East House and/or South House would make life easier for the school children...because without more new space in 2001-2002 school year alternative OPTIONS will have to be considered.


        1. Talent on Tap impacted if music room taken--music in South House Cafeteria (the cafeteria situation is very serious; many comments)
        2. reduce music to lower grade(s) to serve 4th grade; concerts affected
        3. maybe use East House cafeteria for music
        OPTIONS ART:
        1. art on a cart--reduce level of art service because of lack of adequate space
        1. not enough space
        2. classes double booked in South House cafeteria
        1. reduce k-3 computer use--no computer for k
        2. satelite stations for music
        3. computers moved to classrooms
        1. flexible access to library eliminated (because of 46 minute period for 4th grade)
        1. can we go back to WWHD to get more portables? (no answer)
        2. we are at a crossroads (self-evident)
        3. educators want to move ahead with improving education (good luck)
        4. what do we do next year? (same drill as this year)
        5. will we look off-campus for kindergarten solution? (already on it)
        6. modular construction k-2 at Heady site?
        7. is it reasonable to assume that Heady can be used?
        8. could we place a lot more pressure on other Boards?
        9. we should have had contingency plans (in retrospect)...hard choices
        Departing school board member remarked that political decisions are made in crisis...there are no new ideas...Board of Education has no power to make its plans come to fruition because it never considers the cost of anything...no one wants to share a high school...the best thing that has happened recently is hiring Dr. Shaner, who will lead.  Financial decisions and the septic problems will over-shadow others.

        Meeting ran from 7:45pm to 9:30pm.


      The other shoe drops...found on the Weston Board of Education WEBpage is commentary from the Superintendent indicating that via a telephone call the day after the May 25 PUBLIC HEARING, the CTDEP representative is quoted as having said "...things 'aren't that drastic yet'" regarding limiting the number of students at Hurlbutt.  CTDEP goes on to say that we need to decide by September a temporary solution to the septic issue (i.e. pump and haul).  "About Town" would like to know whether the CTDEP indicated which September they were planning to act...
        1. Master Schedule changed...Selectmen appointed Ad Hoc "Select Committee" for 90 day+ stint to come up with new ideas, using data collected by Fuss&O'Neill as well as other Town studies, thus reworking plans for Septic/Sewer already presented;  Planning and Zoning, Conservation, Board of Education and Building Committee plus five citizens were named June 15...worked during summer vacation...link here to information about progress and re-appointment of Select Committee: SEWAGE TREATMENT COMMITTEE.
      Building Committee June 8, 2000 at 7:30 in Town Hall:

      Five members of the Building Committee (two others absent) plus two members additional making up the School Building Committee (Superintendent of Schools and member of the Board of Education) met to discuss trips upcoming to architects' (Jeter, Cook and Jepsen; Tai Soo Kim and Fletcher-Thompson) offices and school buildings they had designed.

      Another item on the agenda was a discussion of sewer/septic issue and the Building Committee's role in the future on this topic.  The Chair. was appointed to sit on the new "Select Committee…" that will be studying sewer options over the next 90 days.  A spirited discussion took place about what the impact of a tiny sewer line to just the Schools and Town Hall would be--and if indeed the implications for development density would be almost nil, as some members of the Building Committee purported.  Members of the Building Committee believe that "a tiny sewer line bringing only 60,000+ gallons of effluent from Weston to the Norwalk treatment plant" (as described in Fuss&O'Neill report) thus setting a limit on development) would permit Weston to then say no to affordable housing applications along the route of the sewer.

      Members of the public were invited to participate in this meeting, and it was also discussed whether inviting AVALON, affordable housing construction company, to propose an example of how an affordable housing scheme might work for Weston would be a good idea.

      Selectmen OK $765,000 for architects' conceptual drawings;  school construction projects still alive...architect interviews continuing?  It is a puzzlement, but we are apparently interviewing architects if and when we figure out what we want/need/can actually follow through with...

      SELECT COMMITTEE ON SEWAGE TREATMENT now appointed and first meeting took place Monday, June 19, 2000 at 7:30pm in Town Hall;  tent. next two meetings:  June 28 and July 6., 7:30pm in Town Hall...


      Town Hall Meeting Room, May 8, 2000, 7pm to 9:45pm;  May 9, 2000 report from indirect sources;  NOTE: as of June 14, 2000, this process is rolling along, with final three firms being visited plus site visits to examples of their work.

      NOTE:  it is the intention of the Building Committee to check out references and projects by these architects;  they may invite firms back for more questions; need to visit examples of work and offices.

      Selectmen OK ED SPECS FOR State Funding by June 30
      Board of Selectmen (May 4 meeting) approved extra payment ($19,200) for School Planner to draw up education specifications...Ed Specs for four part Plan.  Four buildings and areas around them will be separate applications.  For example:  the new 3-4-5 building and attendent fill, paving, fields is one;  the high school project plus moving School Road is two;  the Middle School auditorium and renovations plus loop road is three;  Hurlbutt renovations and School Road entrance is four.  So easy to explain! (These are my guesses--not confirmed what the four separate projects will actually be.)

      MAY 18 and May 25 Dates to note...
      On May 18, 2000 at 7:30pm in the Weston Library Fuss&O'Neill will present their draft plan for sewers/septic to Town of Weston Boards and Commissions.  The public is invited...but not to speak.  On May 25, 2000 at 8pm in the W.H.S. auditorium, there will be a PUBLIC HEARING on this same proposal. On June 1, 2000 (est.) at the Board of Selectmen, a decision will be made by that Board, and a recommendation will be made to the Board of Finance and then to Town Meeting...more dates for more meetings to come...see above.

      RESPONSES RECEIVED OFFICIALLY TO RFP Monday, April 24 at 11am in Town Hall; only the name and address revealed at this time.

      Nine (9) architectural firms repond to RFP and five make it through successfully.  Making it to the next level are the architectural firms in red and underlined--the first "cut" by Building Committee was:
      1.  Wiles and Associates (Bridgeport)

      2.  Fletcher-Thompson (Bridgeport-now in Shelton) - ARCHITECT NUMBER FOUR (current)

      3.  DiCarlo & Dahl (Hamden) - ARCHITECT NUMBER ONE - responsible for 4 room addition at North House (with foundation for 4 more rooms)
      4.  Schoenhardt Associates (Simsbury)

      5.  Friar Associates ARCHITECT NUMBER TWO (Farmington) - they designed and built the Hurlbutt Core Building and enclosed linkages in their first phase, as well as modifying rooms at WMS, building a new DPW Garage on Old Hyde Road and Board of Education Headquarters on School Road.

      6.  CJNA - Charles J. Nafie & Associates - (New York City) - ARCHITECT NUMBER THREE (did Master Plan, prepared SFU documents)
      7.  C.J. Lawlor (West Hartford)
      8. Tai Soo Kim (Hartford)
      9.  Jeter, Cook and Jepson (Hartford)

      On Tuesday, after the Building Committee had met, "About Town" looked through all nine responses to the RFP...all references to price/cost were removed (so that this matter can remain confidential and be negotiated).

    SCHEDULE THROUGH EARLY 2003 NOW HISTORY...new goals and milestones reported on at June 11, 2003 meeting.  See below the schedule for bids released at School Building Committee meeting (by O&G) Oct. 1, 2003:

    Weston Field Committees thru the years...

    A Push To Know Whether “Crumbs” In Artificial Turf Can Make People Sick

    Toxins In Artificial Turf Prompt Concern
    By REGINE LABOSSIERE | Courant Staff Writer
    April 12, 2008

    As the use of artificial turf has increased in popularity, there is growing concern that a component in some turf might be hazardous to the health of people and the environment.

    Several studies in Europe and a few in North America have shown that rubber "crumbs" used in some artificial turf release toxins that might cause health problems and might be poisonous to plants.

    Although there is no scientific evidence that people are getting sick directly because of their use of artificial turf, measures are being taken to protect citizens...

    Legislature joins turf war on artificial fields
    Stamford ADVOCATE
    By Donna Porstner
    Published March 7 2008

    STAMFORD - State lawmakers may commission a study on artificial turf fields because of mounting concerns about possible health risks.

    The legislature's Environment Committee approved a bill 24-5 last week that would give $250,000 to the state Department of Environment Protection to research whether materials in the pulverized rubber tires used to cushion the fields are harmful to users' health.

    The sponsor, state Rep. Kim Fawcett, D-Fairfield, said she had thought it was a great idea to use recycled rubber tires on playgrounds and in artificial grass playing fields "until I learned what's in them."

    Turf wars have heated up all over lower Fairfield County since a nonprofit group's study last year found that when heated in a lab, the rubber crumbs released at least four compounds - including one known carcinogen - that can irritate the eyes and skin. Other studies have shown tire rubber contains heavy metals that can leach into groundwater...

    Previous notes - over time, individuals changed but project continues...

    May 2004 sees the lighting issue for now completed high school artificial field at Conservation...

    The word (November 2002) on where the Sports Complex stands:  although still shy of the original total $$ needed, there is enough money to proceed forthwith to detail how exactly the all-weather soccer field will fit into drainage on School Road, and coordinate with School Construction project as a whole.  This will be accomplished for @$17,000 by school project's environmental-landscape design professionals.  Architect for school project will design new "Booster Barn" gratis. Cognizant of potential for major disasters, first will be a full engineering review of plans for where each building actually is placed on the property, however...it is becoming clearer every day that 2003-2005 will not be optimum time for athletic activity on the School Campus.  And it is a good bet that fields will not be ready at either Morehouse Farm Park or Bisceglie in a timely fashion, due to litigation!

    Following up on front page article in the FORUM...some early words about SPORTS COMPLEX:
    At the Wednesday, January 2, 2002 School Building Committee meeting, a brief presentation was made by W.H.S. Athletic Director, community Sports Complex 2003 steering group...
    Vision Statement:
    "Support the athletic energy of Weston's youth by providing leadership in upgrading and enhancing athletic facilities which benefit all participants."
    Mission Statement:
    "Create, and sustain, a 'Best in Class' Multi-functional athletic environment/facilities" is the idea!  "...Weston High School's medium longer term total land use, athletic infrastructure and development strategies" are on the line here.  Through mutual partnerships (individuals, families, public enterprises), the Committee states, "...we will focus our development efforts towards providing a multi-sports surfaced stadium and supporting equipment to enhance overall athletic excellence."
    This has been done successfully "across the pond"... in Lancashire...JOINT DEVELOPMENT is one way to go in times of limited resources...