"Socialism?"  Or just Presidential Politics 2016?  CT Unions getting what they (in one person's opinion) deserve?  Get rid of the concept of "states" and substitute "regions..."

U N I O N S    I N    T H E    2 1 S T    C E N T U R Y   H E R E    I N    T H E    U . S . A .    N O    L O N G E R    H I G H    W A G E    I N D U S T R I A L  W O R K E R S . . . H O M E - C A R E    W O R K E R    N E E D

How now...this is very very strange.  It is assumed that the union agreement ("SEBAC") is iron clad and NOTHING can break the spiral of increasing pension debt.

CT MIRROR STORY:  https://ctmirror.org/2018/10/24/lori-j-pelletier-quitting-president-state-afl-cio/


And if you ask what they are smoking, well, that's a political issue, too!

Federal judge blocks Obama overtime pay rule
Washington Times
By Victor Morton and Dave Boyer - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This judge was appointed by Pres. Obama;  21 states made the argument.

Remember "On the Waterfront?"  Another Federal Case.
A great union movie PLUS pigeons!  Latest on pigeons protection against hawks or was this "baiting?"  http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/Former-Stamford-man-faces-30-months-for-killing-9216216.php

Newton's Third Law:  Don't forget to put an apple in your still-life.


For every action...

There is a...reaction...

Weston asks who cares about the children?  http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/one_calls_for_a_hearing_another_for_a_resignation/


Happy Labor Day 2016 long weekend - remember that the political storms ahead may fit the forecast!

Lawmaker Tells Advocates Not To Give Up On Pushing Paid Leave
by Jack Kramer | May 20, 2016 5:30am

Those fighting for Connecticut to adopt a paid family leave law, regardless of the size of the company workers are employed by, got some blunt advice from a lawmaker Thursday on how to kick start their stalled initiative...story in full:


Watch the "fiscal notes" - see below.

Public Retirement Bill Headed To Malloy After Wyman Breaks Tie Vote
by Christine Stuart | Apr 30, 2016 9:00pm

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman broke a tie vote Saturday in the Senate to send to the governor a controversial bill that would create a quasi-public agency to administer a retirement system for Connecticut residents...The bill would force every employer with more than five employees to deduct three percent of an employee’s’ paycheck to deposit in the fund. The plan would opt every state resident into the plan even though they would be able to opt out if they choose. It’s unclear how easy it would be for an employee to opt out...

Story in full here:  http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/public_retirement_bill_headed_to_malloy_after_wyman_breaks_tie_vote/

Office of Legislative Research report...as it passed, we think (although the Legislative Majority and the Governor may make changes from now until it is enacted):  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2016/BA/2016HB-05591-R010747-BA.htm

Weston school board tells cleaning company to resolve labor issues
Weston FORUM
By Patricia Gay on January 27, 2016

"...The school board issued a written statement on Tuesday saying, “The board is sensitive to the concerns of Shamrock’s workers. However, since the workers are employed by Shamrock, the board has no control over the relationship between Shamrock, its employees, and their union.”

Story in full:  http://www.thewestonforum.com/58831/weston-school-board-tells-cleaning-company-to-resolve-labor-issues/

State Layoffs Continue, Unions To File Grievances
Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant
April 12, 2016

HARTFORD – Union officials said Tuesday they intend to file labor grievances over the state's painful and protracted process of shedding 1,850 government workers, some of whom were informed of their layoff in a conference call...story in full:  http://www.courant.com/politics/hc-layoffs-continue-20160412-story.html

State worker layoffs continue at three agencies
By: Keith M. Phaneuf and Arielle Levin Becker | April 12, 2016

...Lori Pelletier, president of the state chapter of the AFL-CIO, criticized the way the layoffs are being handled, saying some workers had been escorted out “like they have done something wrong.” She referred to the DSS layoffs as “today’s fiasco with a 1-800 number to find out they are getting laid off.”  Full story from the CT MIRROR here:  http://ctmirror.org/2016/04/12/state-worker-layoffs-continue-with-social-services-staffers/

Unions Criticize Malloy Administration Over Layoff Tactics

by Christine Stuart | Apr 13, 2016 5:30am

(Updated 7:57 a.m.) State employees were walked off the grounds of the Connecticut Juvenile Training School on Monday and on Tuesday about 40 clerical workers at the Department of Social Services were laid off in a conference call, according to union officials...story in full:  http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/unions_criticize_malloy_administration_over_layoff_tactics/

Legislators Agree To Outsource Some DSS Case Management Services

by Christine Stuart | Apr 12, 2016 5:30am

Two legislative committees agreed Monday to allow the Department of Social Services to outsource case management work for about 500 people with acquired brain injuries, after defeating a similar proposal about four months ago...

Brian Anderson, a lobbyist for AFSCME Council 4, the union that represents social workers in the department, urged lawmakers to reject the proposal.  He called the outsourcing of case management work the “privatization” of state services.

“The only reason for privatizing these services is to drive down the cost of labor,” Anderson said. “This turns middle class employee jobs into low wage jobs.”

He said many of these private nonprofit workers are paid so little that they qualify for welfare supports...story in full:  http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/legislators_agree_to_outsource_case_management_services/

Labor, advocacy groups call for tax hikes instead of budget cuts
By: Arielle Levin Becker | February 10, 2016

A top Connecticut labor leader blasted Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget as continuing “to protect the very, very wealthy,”

...She spoke during a press conference by a coalition of unions and advocacy groups that formed a new coalition, called D.U.E. Justice – A Coalition for Democracy, Unity, and Equality. It described its broader agenda as reducing income inequality and promoting democracy.  Members called for, among other things, taxing soda and capital gains and imposing a fee on large employers that pay workers less than $15 an hour – a measure dubbed the “Walmart bill” in previous legislative sessions...story in full:  http://ctmirror.org/2016/02/10/labor-advocacy-groups-call-for-tax-hikes-instead-of-budget-cuts/

High court seems ready to scrap mandatory public union fees

Sam Hananel, Associated Press
Updated 3:50 pm, Monday, January 11, 2016

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court appears ready to deliver a major setback to American unions as it considers scrapping a four-decade precedent that lets public-sector labor organizations collect fees from workers who decline to join...story in full:  http://www.greenwichtime.com/news/politics/article/High-court-to-hear-dispute-over-public-sector-6750145.php

BART workers go on strike
John Wildermuth, Michael Cabanatuan and Jill Tucker
Updated 4:21 am, Friday, October 18, 2013

BART workers went on strike early Friday morning, leaving hundreds of thousands of Bay Area commuters scrambling for ways to get to work.

After a marathon bargaining session that lasted nearly 30 hours, Roxanne Sanchez, president of Service Employees International Union Local 1021, walked out of the Oakland negotiations late Thursday afternoon and said the talks were over and that union workers would walk off the job at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

SEIU spokeswoman Cecille Isidro confirmed shortly after midnight that the unions were on strike...story in full at SFGATE.