This is the unofficial story of how we got to where we are with Lachat
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Material below should not be mistaken for official documentation. "Minutes" are only notes taken by this WEBpage, and are unofficial.  (Ad Hoc Committee keeps official ones on file with the Town Clerk.)   "Scope of Purpose Specifically"...Section (3.) has been edited, leaving out much detail.  In these "unofficial minutes" on the Internet, names are not mentioned other than recording of the members present and voting, or if there is a quorum or not, and not every meeting has been attended in its entirety by "About Town."  


Now in 2012, new vision for Lachat brings  split in the form of two 10 year leases (plus we think half a dozen 15 year extensions provided) permitting the Town of Weston to act to preserve farming character ("passive" must be released on the Town's lease) of the two fields and homestead, and Nature Conservancy to preserve woods.  Limits to "improvement" of buildings NOT to interfere with historic preservation efforts for the homestead.  Special Town Meetings approved this - reports here.

Link to new page--POST-TOWN MEETING "YES" VOTE--for new phase of development of this project.

At the Board of Selectmen's Meeting of March 1, 2001:
The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Weston, Connecticut...do hereby establish an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee...for the purpose of investigating the feasibility of creating, developing and erecting, in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy of Connecticut, Inc....a Conservation or Nature Center on the real property owned by the Town of Weston...and the Conservancy and located at 106 Godfrey Road...

Purpose, Organization and Membership
In summary, the seven member Committee reports to the Board of Selectmen four (4) times a year and can't make any decisions or spend any money.  The members are seven (7)--four (4) from the Nature Conservancy and three (3) from the Town of Weston.  Since a number of these individuals do not come from Weston, this is not an "official" Committee of the Town (at least that is the way "About Town" interprets Section 1.I of the charge).

Scope of Purpose Generally

(a)  the Committee shall consider and recommend the scope of the Project, taking into consideration the items set forth in this Paragraph and in Paragraph (3.) below;

(b)  the Committee shall consider, develop and recommend a cost estimate for the Project, including architectural, landscape, engineering and other costs and expenses, and may investigate and propose a means of financing the same;

(c)  the Committee shall investigate, identify and recommend such additional governmental approvals as shall be necessary for the successful completion of the Project, and shall informally seek the comments and suggestions of the Weston Planning and Zoning Commission, other Town Boards and Commissions, the people of the Town of Weston, and Lachat;

(d)  the Committee shall investigate and identify the environmental and educational advantages and values of the Project to the people of the Town, including students within the school of the Town, and such other people as are interested in the natural environment or in visiting the Lucius Pond Ordway Preserve...of the Conservancy, the lands commonly known as Trout Brook Valley and such other lands as are set aside for natural preservation or conservation purposes in or adjacent to the Town;

(e)  the members of the Committee appointed by the Selectmen shall work cooperatively with the members of the Committee appointed by the Conservancy and also with the Conservancy's State and National headquarters, officers, and offices for the purpose of developing a recommendation for the implementation of the Project, including the Conservancy's legal and accounting offices;

Scope of Purpose Specifically:
The Committee shall specifically consider and recommend the suitability for use, and the hours of use, of the buildings and lands described below:

A. The Lachat Barns
B.  The Lachat Carriage House
C.  The Lachat House
D.  The Lachat Garage
E.  Trails
F.   Parking
G.  Zoning, Wetlands, etc.
H.  Miscellaneous

U N O F F I C I A L    M I N U T E S (most recent - before design work began - at the top):
Norwalk HOUR editorial praises Weston for nature center planning...Selectmen forward request to Board of Finance Oct. 10 meeting...BD OF FINANCE OK's $26,000!  Lert the "master planning" process begin!
Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 4pm, Weston Town Hall Commission Room
SPECIAL MEETING - click HERE for notes.

Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 4pm, Weston Town Hall Commission Room
1.  Discussion of questions submitted by Edgecomb Design Group (EDG) and framing of response/done; caution to make sure "meetings" as usefull..
2. General discussion of how and when this committee will proceed with the review of EDG's creation of the Master Plan for this facility/timing through the Spring.

Special Meeting Monday, September 23, 2002, 5pm, Town Hall Commission Room
1.  Discussion and action on contract with architect/Edgecomb approved unanimously for $25,000
2.  Discuss scheduling of meetings with Boards of Selectmen and Finance/to be on agenda (s) ASAP
3.  Outline plans for first Committee meeting with architect:  October 15 (Tuesday) is good day for first (of 4) visits by Edgecomb Group.  Adjourned at @6pm

Special Meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 7, 2002 (to discuss contract with winning architectural firm) cancelled;  Special Meeting now scheduled for August 15, 2002 (Thursday at 5pm) - "Expected to be in Exectutive Session" with Edgecomb Group...it is reported informally that no action was taken after this executive session.

Special Meeting Thursday, June 20, 2002, 4pm, Commission Room - Edgecomb contract drafting - discussion re:  meeting with Selectmen - no quorum present, discussion of Edgecomb contract continues.

At School Building Committee Meeting, May 29,  Chair. of Ad Hoc Conservation/Nature Center and member of Building Committee who is a member also of the Ad Hoc Committee, present contract for Jim Edgecomb, architect, for advice - and get some (addition to contract language to secure working models of project)!  Next stop:  Board of Selectmen.

Agenda, May 9, 2002, 4pm, Ad Hoc Conservation/Nature Center, Commission Room
1.  Update on Nature Conservancy (State and National) to remain involved in Nature Center Project/report
2.- 4. Edgecomb group review, interview, meeting/preliminary discussion re contract upcoming
5.  Any other business

Feb. 14, 2002 at 4:10-5:10pm, Ad Hoc Conservation/Nature Center in Commission Room:
1.  Proposal/contract from Edgecomb Design Group - status and process for approval/draft circulated for comments
2.  Review and discuss building criteria/not done
3.  Next steps/meeting with Selectmen in future; next Committee Meeting on March 21 (Special Meeting?  Not held in usual place, no agenda posted).
4.  Any other business as may properly come before the meeting/Nature Conservancy on hold with this project temporarily as national and state branches reassess education function and boundaries of common interest within their own organization;  outreach re-considerations.
Ad Hoc Conservation/Nature Center Committee Meeting
January 10, 2002, 4pm, Town Hall Commission Room - meeting lasted for a bit more than one hour (quorum present).
  • Decision (split vote) re: architect selection
  • Discussion but no decision re:  Committee proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2002-2003
  • Any other business - reporting soon to Board of Selectmen.

    With a voting quorum not present, this Committee discussed the two finalists and planned a tour of Vermont properties of one of the firms.  A final review of proposals will be made by the third week of December with estimates to be prepared for funding of Master Plan for Lachat Property as possible budget item FY03.  This meeting lasted until 5:30pm.

    AGENDA - October 30, 2001 at 4pm in Commission Room at Town Hall:
    With all members present, the following items were covered--but no decision was made regarding who was the "winner" of the competition.  After further review and checking, a decision will be forthcoming in @two weeks, meeting time and place T.B.A.
  • Discussion of presentations on October 11...
  • Discussion and decision re selection of an architect to complete the project;
  • Discussion re possible costs of the project. (?)
  • Approval of the minutes (?)

    On Thursday, October 11, 2001, with all members of the Committee present, beginning at 4pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall, the Ad Hoc Committee on a conservation/nature center met to hear from invited architects.  These firms were selected to submit ideas for "A Gateway to the Den."  Each was to have an hour to explain their vision (s).  Although only one architect's competition presentation was observed by "About Town,"  at another time, the other two architects have been observed interacting with the committee.  They are all creative and different, and so it would not be appropriate for this writer to comment upon the single final presentation viewed on October 11th.  "About Town" left at 5pm, at the completion of the first presentation.

    Board of Selectmen approved $7500 for architectural competition (Town's portion)...and now so has Board of Finance...full speed ahead on competition for architects to get best design for the uses established in the "charge."
    Presentation Meeting October 11, 2001 (Thursday) at 4pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall...AGENDA:
  • Interviews of three (3) architects re their proposals for the Nature Center Project (4, 5 and 6 PM - each interview will last 45 minutes with 15 minutes thereafter for discussion by the members) - link to About Town review of presentations.
  • Approval of the minutes

  • Any other business

    Minutes of August 9, 2001 (4:30pm) meeting in Town Hall Commission Room:
    Present:  Ron Jeitz, George Guidera, Dick Bochinski, Michael Greenberg, Steve Patton
    The meeting came to order, minutes were approved and discussion took place of presentation approach for upcoming Board of Finance meeting.  Adjourned at approximately 5:15pm.

    Incomplete minutes for July 17, 2001 posted for 3:30pm Special Meeting:
    Members present (Ronald Jeitz, Richard Bochinski [taking official notes], Kate Ebbot, Michael Greenberg, Steve Patton, Mary Monroe Kolek). Discussion of draft wording for Architectural Competition (by invitation) document;  timing requires, first, meeting with the Board of Selectmen, presumably at that Board's next meeting.  One point made during the discussion of data available to competitor-architects was the necessity to provide similar topographic maps of the Lachat property to all competitors.  A discussion ensued re: parking requirements.  "About Town" left this Ad Hoc Nature Center meeting @4:30pm - it was not completed at that point, and thus the report above may not be comprehensive.

    Meetings of June 12, June 13 (Regular Meeting of June 14 cancelled) and June 28 were public meetings for the purpose of interviewing architects.  (See "Scope of Purpose Specifically" above to determine what the Ad Hoc Committee members were seeking in an architect for the Lachat project.)

    The tone of questioning at the interviews attended by "About Town" revealed that access to the site for vehicles is a point of traffic/neighbor possible concern.  Retaining the "farmstead" look is something both architects "About Town" observed favor.  The main house dates from the 18th Century and the out buildings have need of repair prior to change of use to something other than barns or sheds.    Please note that "About Town" was not able to be present for the second interview...the first architect, on June 12, and his staff, were questioned for an hour plus.  June 28 interview was attended for an hour and a half.

    Third Meeting, Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 4pm in Weston Town Hall, the Commission Room (where previously mentioned noises were no longer in evidence):
    Present: Ronald Jeitz, Richard Bochinski (taking official notes), Kate Ebbot, Michael Greenberg, Steve Patton, Mary Monroe Kolek.
    The meeting came to order at 4:10pm.  Minutes were approved (Bochinski, Greenberg).  A round-the-table review of observations of Weir Farm and the Wilton Historical Society ensued.  Discussion of education uses, office use of main house and fire controls occurred.   Names of likely architects were circulated and a review of the official direction to this AD HOC group from the Board of Selectmen took place.  Interview of the first architect will take place at an as-yet-to-be-posted Special Meeting for June 12.  It is expected that the AD HOC Committee will meet at 4pm to discuss their interview approaches, and then the interview itself will begin at 4:30pm in the Commission Room at Town Hall.  The meeting was adjourned after 5pm (?).

    Second Meeting, Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 4pm, in the Commission Room (beep), Weston Town Hall
    Present: Ronald Jeitz, Richard Bochinski, Kate Ebbott, Michael Greenberg, George Guidera, Steve Patton.
    The meeting came to order after not being able to find another meeting place (beep).  NOTE:  the smoke detector in the Commission Room, located near the ceiling, had a problem (perhaps needed new battery).  Discussion took place regarding:
      1. the site itself--which buildings were to be used by the Nature Center eventually--result of site visit
      2. the contracts with both Town and Conservancy--these were examined.
      3. discussion of retaining architect services after consultation with the Board of Selectmen
      4. size of parking lot necessary and its location
      5. actual program for the Center as it related to the Conservancy itself and
      6. when and how to apply for needed permits from the Town of Weston
  • The AD HOC COMMITTEE will visit other Nature Centers Saturday May 5, and may or may not be ready to interview architects at the next regular meeting (May 10)--possible need for Special Meeting in lieu of Regular one.  Adjourned at 5:30pm.
  • First Meeting, Thursday, March 8, 2001 at 4pm in the Commission Room, Weston Town Hall.

  • Present:  Ronald Jeitz, Richard Bochinski, Kate Ebbott (from The Nature Conservancy);  Mary Monroe Kolek, Michael Greenberg, George Guidera (from the Town of Weston);  Steve Patton, Executive Director of The Den;  First Selectman Hal Shupack of Weston.

    The meeting came to order a little after 4pm;  Ron Jeitz was elected Chair. and George Guidera Secretary.  It is expected to take a year to come up with recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.  The first step will be to meet regularly once a month on the second Thursday of each month at 4pm in Weston Town Hall and hold Special Meetings, properly posted, at other times.

    The next step will be to "walk" the Lachat Property on March 31, 2001, at 9am, meeting on the site at 106 Godfrey Road (notice to be posted in Town Hall).  Rain or snow date is April 21.  Adjourned before 5pm. Pictures of site below...

    From the ABOUT TOWN collection of snapshots of places and recent events in Weston are 9 views of the Juliana Lachat Preserve: