M.I.R.A. mirror on the wall:  How will the operater of Hartford regional facility be held responsible for Economic Justice issues in other areas?

E N V I R O N M E N T A L    J U S T I C E :   I M P L I C A T I O N S    F O R    P U B L I C - P R I V A T E    P A R T N E R S H I P S

Joint meeting of the Environment Committee and the Energy & Technology Committee prior to Public Hearing on Solid Waste redesign of Hartford Region solid waste facility
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at the Capitol.


A regional system should, one would think, be designed to absorb temporary down time..."intergovernmental transfer" indeed.

Two (at right) of 4 pictured below will no longer be involved in any solutions to CT problems.

We watched this pretty much in its entirety - altho' we will go back and watch the earliest part later...see below:

In a nutshell, DEEP is reviewing RFP responses and has selected three vendors. 
Hartford City Council wants more input, in the name of Environmental Justice,  and states that none of the preferred vendors will be satisfactory (my short version).

No more landfills in CT.
Did we hear that correctly?  PA14-93 solid waste management MIRA established (used to be CRRA).  Sen. Kennedy on this.  In-state cost lower than elsewhere. 

RFP - remember the story of the blind man and the elephant?  Private partner to share $$ burden.
Single stream working, composting improving.  Municipal solid waste and bulky waste still a problem.  Waste to energy facility in Hartford. 
Part of this is to redo PILOT.  RFP requires fixed price long term payment stream. 

"Host fees" affect Wallingford?  How are local and sub-regional arrangements affected?

Economic implications (not re-elected)
On Bridgeport region?  Question about how this affects other sub-regions and individual municipalities going forward.

We'll have to guess what graphics say until we find document online...not yet!
Electonics recycling working.  Food waste increasing.  We note that About Town received an award from C.R.R.A. in the past.  What is considered "source reduction?"