GO DIRECT  (L) TO C.G.A. WEBPAGE (2022 Short Session our comments at right).

WEDNESDAY JULY14th ON EMERGENCY POWER EXTENSION - OVER.  Capitol and LOB to re-open partially to the public (first floor only).  


TOTAL BILLS SIGNED, VETOED:  "Long Session 2021" over.  Special Session on Marijuana and Implementer over. 
Taking effect July 1, 2021:  Nearly 100 laws - including these 11 (from Hartford COURANT article )...

Weston Legislators
Senator Haskell also - but he does not serve on committees of interest.  We very much like his vision of the broader picture - good speaker!

Planning & Development Committee (we think) last year's bill (2020):  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2020/TOB/h/pdf/2020HB-05132-R00-HB.PDF

Housing Committee
What's in the hopper?  Some things that are in P&D but with different bill #'s - lots of "look a likes" out there!

Public Health Committee
Who said we have a "part-time" Legislature?  More than 1 year into COVID-19.  RACISM A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS passes bi-Partisan Senate 30-5.  CTNEWSJUNKIE FABULOUS STORY HERE.

One of the few bi-partisan Committees at CGA...REGS REVIEW - woof

EDUCATION:  From Public Health Committee, sSB288 - Education Committee so pleased to be having this bill right now!!!




Monday January 10 is the date in Court to unveil the new map...

The D.C. effect.
Wrap up by CT MIRROR of where things stand...

Coming in 2022...
Special Master has until Jan. 18, 2022 (same one as did the 2011 Census reapportionment map above left).

Any time now...
Almost finished, report to CT Supreme CT

Speaker's mother recuses; CT SUPREME COURT (R) grants extention to 21st but wants report Sat. Dec.18.

Nice article about LAST time compared to tens years later - now.

Senate redistricting story - CTNEWSJUNKIE 11-23-21
Second place with news of reapportionment was the
CT MIRROR;  The Norwalk HOUR shed more light Wednesday.

CTNEWSJUNKIE gets the story first!  Nice story in CT MIRROR; Weston in earth tones 135th Weston, Easton and Redding.

Oops.  See article above this one for John McKinney role as substitute #9.

Meetings and Public Hearings over, deadline missed (again - same in 2021) - now what?

Re-Apportionment Committee PUBLIC HEARING NEWS
September 14, 2021 at 7pm on Zoom is the test case for Internet help in reaching public - see above article for report!



C.G.A. non-Partisan membership "task force" - 

Assorted stories:
From the CTNEWSJUNKIE:  Getting started NOW (August 3, 2021)
From the CT Legislature - "gerrymandering" in the eye of the beholder department.  The arguments:  https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/05/12/bill-changing-inmates-voting-districts-gets-final-passage/
From the NYTIMES:  https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/04/26/the-remapping-of-political-lines-gets-started/

Here we go again - House and Senate links for Special Session on extension of Emergency Powers.

CT MIRROR webinar:  What happened?  What happened, blow-by-blow, as we saw it.

HERE IT IS (below)!!!  Marijuana (r) and Philip Morris move to Stamford...


SENATE GOT ONE MORE SHOT AT BOTH LEGALIZED POT AND IMPLEMENTER (Zoom continuation left intact):  https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/06/15/senate-sends-budget-implementer-to-house/?utm_source=CTNewsJunkie%20Main%20List%20With%20Publication%20Groups&utm_campaign=7874a3a841-MCP_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a493d2308d-7874a3a841-95953073

HOUSE - SENATE STORY:  https://ctmirror.org/2021/06/17/house-senate-tensions-evident-in-budget-implementer-bill/

Special Session makes heads spin - sweet scent of cannabis and rats about at the CGA.

Pot bill revised by House...1201 'A' house amendment

THE IMPLEMENTER APPROVED.  House had effectively closed this Special Session by ending theirs "Sine Die" - which translates as "we're outa here."

Minority Leader Kelly explained that the above noted "sine die" matter meant "take it or leave it."

CTNEWSJUNKIE ROUND UP ON SPECIAL SESSION.  Governor Lamont to veto pot bill because it opens door to Corporate Cannabis pushing pot etc. for profit. 




And what else will be included in the Implementer?  Pizza as "State Food" didn't make it before the clock struck 12 midnight...pot legalized?  Senate approves it but see this...

.  Including HB6107.  And Crumbling Foundations relief.

Sports betting, online gaming approved by C.G.A.- read here why first B.I.A. must approve
Legalized "pot coming to a boil" - as the saying goes, as of 10am Wednesday May 26, 2021.  This one might end up in Special Session (just our opinion).  "Early Voting" approved by both House & Senate - awaits signature of Governor before before the two step process of changing the Constitution begins in 2022 (second vote in 2024, we think).

34 year old Speaker of the House, second from the right...

CT FUTURE CAUCUS (under 45 yrs of age, bipartisan)

Will free swimming lessons at State parks make it to the floor?  Estimated costs not inconsiderable...check out fiscal impact at the link provided.

THE CAR TAX...SB1105.  This agenda was a 2-pager...began at 9am and san out of gas before property tax and car tax could make it to the floor.
It is now time for machinations:  Watch out for "strike all and replace" - it is like a shell game.   In addition here comes redistribution via wheels and shell games.

THE BIENNIAL BUDGET AND A BUDGET DEAL IN CONCEPT REACHED 6-5-21.  HOUSE BI-PARTISAN Biennial BUDGET PASSES - on to Senate today, June 9, 2021...passes bipartisan vote (4 "no").


Appropriations (c) made commitments. Speaker (r) to push House Budget thru...and COURANT does a great job too!!!

APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE MONDAY May 24, 2021 at 10am.  We are watching to see shat happens to Education Bill SB288.  So far I am confused...I think they merged a couple...

Money for free from Appropriations Committee??? 
And a thoughtful note on CT fiscal position:  https://ctmirror.org/2021/03/10/lamonts-budget-would-borrow-nearly-220-million-to-pay-off-borrowing/
Long term care workers rally - CTNEWSJUNKIE

GOVERNOR SIGNED THIS PRO-FARM BILL:  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/ACT/PA/PDF/2021PA-00016-R00HB-06503-PA.PDF

GOVERNOR IS STANDING FIRM AT END OF SESSION ON NO TAX INCREASE PROMISE..." legal weed to get a vote this Session...3 days left...both House & Senate must act on final bill...

biennial Budget Message report coming...some other issues coming up - like criticism of CDC re:  decision on J&J? 

PASSED HOUSE 5-20-21;  PH 3-2-21 of Public Safety Committee on all kinds of gambling expansion from the Governor: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/TOB/H/PDF/2021HB-06451-R00-HB.PDF

COURANT explains that "nips" get 5% tax returned to towns to clean up the trash too small to fit in "return" machines for now...

And what is the schedule?  Dates?  How does a bill become a law?  Hint:  JF deadline approaching fast (3-22-21).
All actions take place online and via Zoom which encourages public input, believe it...

Mrs. Fox never attacked a chicken coop.  Darien resident, Greenwich head of Housing Authority). Rep. Fiorelo.  Bias and prejudice against Asian-Americans. Rep. Winkler the culpritGIS.  GIS Chair;  new bill undercuts purposeCan 1068 and others be reheard?  No water and sewer.

WATCH THE LEGISLATURE MONDAY MARCH 22 beginning at 10am (P&D COMMITTEE) - WestCOG testimony.
Resumption of the battle on Home Rule-SB1066 (see above agenda for 3-22-21) as well as SB1068 (statewide property tax) Robin Hood style.

Election process is making it more accessible.  Only 2 statements covered in an hour...

HB6640 - development bill.
SB1068 (60 watching 240 minutes in) -Rap. Devlin; local control - someone who couldn't testify last week.  Socio-economic, neighborhoods.  State-wide property taxes.  "Fair Share" taxing small towns to death? 
HB6448 - ACIR - Towns can best practices from "Executive Orders" - Local Government of the Future idea.  Sec. 9&10.  Promote regional planning.  Sen. Hwang - are you eliminating the less ept public?  Sharkey says the answer is to provide the access.  Where is transparency?  FOI?  Devil is in the details!  Cassano asks about role of COGS.  Reduced costs to towns.  Oh really?  ACIR is not advocating mandated regionalization.  Ans: RTIP grant for "seed $$."  You get a better price?  "Racist" to have 169 towns?  Creates divisions - unintentional racisms ("racial inequality").  We went to lunch at 11:50am...HB1066...12:30pm back from lunch.  In time to hear First Selectman Camillo of Greenwich.  Rep. Dubitsky asks what Greenwich is doing that other small towns might do - form a Housing Authority.  Federal $$.   ADU has to be inside of a residence ("accessory dwelling unit").  GREEN AND OPEN SPACE VITAL.
HB6639 - Filchak - regionalization of building code officials (this is a pilot).  Towns do share without going thru a COG - Chaplin.  Interlocal agreements important.
HB6448 - Governor's Bill:  OPM testifies.  Remote access as a citizen's actions.  Telephone meetings not open.  Now they are legal.  A.D.A.?  "Slippery slope" argument.  "Hybrid" approach.  Sharing of files.  1981 ruling now obsolete - FOI.  Identification of speakers.  But want to talk to FOI.  Sec. 3 line 65 - if 2 members talk, public must allowed to be in on it.  ACIR the place to set up better wording.  Restaurant?  Outdoor dining becomes staff - but local site plan review is in the bill. 
1068, 6645, 6641, 6647, 6639.  COG.  Save $$.  Adopt 2018 Plan.  "Continuing Committee" - GIS municipal parcel layer for the state. 
SB1068 - Mathew Mandell - Westport Chamber of Commerce - climate change impact.  Westport is better than everyone else, of course.  All the bills are interconnected.  Build-able lots?  Infrastructure?  TOD's have to work. Saugatuck.  Train station is at sea-level.  Fox in the chicken coop.  Mandell says in the 1970's there was racist real estate business.
SB1068 - Hamden resident. #13 of 67 and it is 2:50pm...
HB6641 - New Britain Town Clerk - replace "shall" with "may."   
HB1068, HB1066 -Wilton guy. NYTimes article.  Huge inequities. Blunt instruments.  Clear will to move forward on Affordable Housing.  8-30g HB6448.  Exclude very small towns.  Serious enforcement teeth.  Accessory apartments.  Keep it simple and straightforward.  "Naturally occurring" affordable housing.  "Deed restriction" question.  Lemar denies that he has punitive language in his bills.  Developable land?  Affordable is affordable. 
HB1068 - opposed.  Trumbull teacher.
HB6646 Sec.3&4.  Crumbling foundations.  Too watered down...3:53 we took a nap...6:09pm and Sen. Hwang asked about watershed etc..
HB1068 - against - "one size fits all" and Darien resident and Greenwich Housing Authority (Sam Romeo).  Sen. Hwang asks if proposal for 300 units is going anywhere...but...long-standing commitment to affordable housing.  Personal property rights.  Budget:  $14 milllion.  1930's & 40's.  Veterans' housing in late '40's.  Housing Trust Fund in process.  Cut red tape!!!  Infrastructure first!!!  
HB6647 - GIS trainer pro and another from working group.  Lose local control?  First step to eliminate Town lines?  COGs?  OOPS - 7:53pm everybody bounced off.
HB6646 - against.
SB1068 and others - no one is aware - he is opposed.  "Racism" and no cost...NOT TRUE - scripted.  Overreaching.  Organized groups.  To find all the bills is all over the place.  Greenwich resident tells legislature where to go.  No counties.  Dumps on 1068.  "A virgin" at testifying...
COST - covers the full agenda, it seems!  Betsy Gara awesome the best testimony of the day - under question brings up water and sewer...9:30pm we're out of here...went on for more than 13 hours.

WATCH THE LEGISLATURE MONDAY MARCH 15 (Planning&Development Committee) L-R


SENATE APPROVES 18 - 15 EXTENDING EXECUTIVE POWERS UNTIL NEXT SESSION IN FEBRUARY.  2 Democrats join Republicans - 3 Democrats absent.

Special Session Wednesday July 14, 2021 at 9:30am in Senate.  Here is the call:  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/agn/pdf/2021AGN00714-R01-AGN.pdf

"Senate will convene shortly" at 9:44am - don't hold your breath.  After 11am in Session.  19-16 1 absent.

SENATE SESSION 6-17-21 at 9:30am...second bite

From CTNEWSJUNKIE - 2:15pm:

From CTNEWSJUNKIE - 8:37pm


Previously approved by Senate 19-17 in Long Session...amendment "A" corrected question of legislators who profit immediately by their vote on the bill...

Pot Bill debate - Senator Looney compares marijuana now to Prohibition
Can't wait to see the Implementer...somehow I think this will not available and loaded with formerly dead bills or parts of others...now 1:20pm7 ', nothing doing yet...at 3:41pm approximately, it started...3:41pms (search for "rats" over)...
sSB1201 legalizing pot debate.  Roll call on 'A' - 26-4 (absent).  On to Amendment 'B' which may have passed...6:34pm; vote on underlying bill plus 'A' & maybe 'B'
- 19-12 (6 absent).  Bill passes.  Lt Gov presiding...


Senate Special Session June 15, 2021 at 6:36pm
Convene Special Session-  Joint Resolution 75; 29-1 (6 absent) - the Implementer.  A great job summing up - oops, not so good! 
  1. Can't wait for questions plus an amendment coming..standing at ease @7pm.  "This is a clean up edit amendment."  So she says...we'll see!  Sen. Hartley in the Chair. 
  2. I was thinking that if this Implementer is like some others of yore, they are checking a more than 300 page document...so if their checking it over for correction/typos, and then the Minority has to go thru it, how long do you think this will take?  22,000 lines. 544 sections.  832 pages. 
  3. "It's obnoxious."   "...contractual agreements with other states" without legislative review. 
  4. Line 9823...
  5. Sen. Osten apologizes to Sen. Miner for not calling him during the weekend...8:25pm.

Compensate private sector with social impact bonds.

PATTING THEMSELVES ON THE BACK...Roll Call 1202 as amended by 'A'  23-7 (6 absent).   Transmit to House @8:30pm.

Senate scheduled for 11:30am - biggest job to approve biennial budget...12:25pm and "will convene shortly"

...3pm...HB6689 - the Biennial budget.  Thorough explanation in Senate on this last day of the Session...there will be a Special Session.

Tuesday June 8, 2021 at 12 noon for Senate after the dramatic Session day yesterday...and oops moment - how did the insertion of named grower get into the bill the Senate passed 19-17?

Monday June 7, 2021 Senate Session...at 11am...make that 2:12pm.

HB6666 - DPH works with PH Committee.  Both Parties support this.  Only one "no."
HB6441 - 7:03pm...Climate Change;
HB6646 - 7:47pm discussion on Crumbling Foundations...only 3 "no" votes...we'll see what happens in the rest of the night...into Tuesday: 

AND THIS - NOW SENATOR MILLER!  https://www.thehour.com/news/article/A-historic-first-for-the-state-Senate-in-race-and-16227588.php?src=nwkhpdesecp

Senate Friday June 4th at 12 noon...SB363 pregnancy centers...Amendment 'A' - asks for deeper definition of "pregnancy centers."  Amendment pails Party line.  We assume the underlying bill will pass.  SB1059 - solitary confinement loosened. 3:23pm.  Sen. Cicerella describes "block" situation.  Bill passes...

HOUR report on CGA Friday:  https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Bills-advance-on-civil-rights-solitary-16226175.php?src=nwkhpdesecp

Senate Wednesday June 3rd, at 11am we think - but we only tuned in from time to time and they were not in Session at the times.

...3:58pm the Senate gets rolling.

Senate Tues. 11am June 2, 2021
Will SB570 get called?  (Bridgeport casino)?

Thursday May 27, 2021, 12 noon - we missed this - apparently,  But we have figured out that the bill passed Thursday was this one (NOT SB1024):   https://www.cga.ct.gov/searchresults.asp?cx=005177121039084408563%3Ahs1zq3ague8&ie=UTF-8&cof=FORID%3A10&q=HB6107&submission=%EF%80%82

The debate in the Senate begins with Sen. Cassano.  Puts a positive spin on it...he reads the OLR report.   At @4hrs 30minutes Senate amendment ' 'A' introduced.  12-23.  Now underlying bill...13-22 with Sen. Hartley opposed.

WE ARE WATCHING RE-RUN OF sHB6107 FOR 4 HR DEBATE -'A' inserts local control/home rule into the picture, defeated Party line then on the underlying bill - "no" vote Sen. Hartley (D) 22-13. 
If you are wondering, Sen. Bradley of Bridgeport did not vote.  The debate lasted four hours - 4:09 to 8:19 - on re-play. 

Wednesday May 26, 2021 T.B.A.
..."standing at ease" 6:27pm.

Tuesday May 25, 2021 at 12 noon - we never got there.

SESSION DAY begins at 12 noon, Thursday, May 20, 2021

Standing at ease at 8:01pm (the House has finished).  Bipartisan voting SB1046 - long term care.  SB1083 next...amendments...SB1029 economic development pilot at 9:24pm...we're out of here.

SESSION DAY begins at 12 noon, Wednesday May 19, 2021

I didn't watch it.

SESSION DAY begins at 11am, Thursday May 13, 2021 - which was referenced as another question "must reveal" had adjourned to...12:45pm nothing doing yet...1:15pm, "to begin shortly" - Nope!  Everyone was at the forum on redistricting, maybe?  Just wondering - where is "transparency"?  ...signs of life at 3:06pm!  Time of Session minus "standing at ease" was 9hrs and 19 minutes.

sSB975 - long-term rights introduced by Sen. Miller.
Amendment approved on a voice vote.  Isolation during pandemic.  Placed on consent calendar.

SB908 'A' - Labor Committee mandating info to union.
Creating with conflict of another statute.  Quotes from AG re: another bill.  So 2 laws not simpatico.  Which takes precedence? Hack threat - municipality threatened?  Technical?  Roll call on 'A' -  we note that Sen. Needleman (r) is a First Selectman of Essex and was absent.

Debate now on underlying bill plus 'A' - we are leaving at this point (4:34pm)...debate 'B' and 'C' fails by Party line.  Now 'D' along Party lines.  Theme is freedom v. force - giving employee, giving taxpayers choice.  'E' conflicts with final section - union can use it, but not members individuality.  Does not call 'F' - not so sure we truly know what will happen...reminder that this bill benefits only unions.  Not individuals.

Sen. Champagne:  Every line reviewed...we are putting CGA on mute so we can participate in a local Weston meeting of the Lachat Town Farm Commission - will update as best we can...


SESSION DAY begins at 11am May 12, 21..11:06am - we missed this - we were closely following House!

Senate Session April 28, 2021, 12pm...we missed yesterday's Session Day.

S.B. 1039
We tuned in @3pm to hear bill about modernizing business communications.  Roll call:  34-2.

SB954 - amended, Higher Ed. Committee. 
Closes a loophole to save lives overseas and homeland colleges.  Roll call:  35-1

Lots of bills on "consent calendar" next...3:40pm.  Standing at ease...

S.B.152 as amended...fuel oil deliveries can now be done by e-mail.  So it seems that the Senate is getting rid of bipartisan bills early in the Session...still going at 4:47pm, S.B. 1008.  Pulse oximeter for blood = - misreading by skin color.

Senate Session parallels House SESSION.

SENATE MARCH 23, 2021, 11am.
We did not spend the day watching.  Here are links to what happened in a few areas of interest:

Police Accountability - https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/03/23/senate-sends-changes-to-police-accountability-law-to-governor/
COVID fund control - https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/03/23/bill-giving-lawmakers-oversight-of-covid-funds-headed-to-lamonts-desk/
Special powers for Governor extended - https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/03/23/lamont-democrats-seek-to-extend-executive-powers-over-republican-objections/
PLUS a pro restaurant bill passed unanimously:  Extends out-door dining until Fall of 2022.

SPECIAL SESSION IN SENATE OCT. 1, 2020 AT 11AM - not yet (it is 11:30am now) - we'll keep track to see if anything different happens here...

It is the judges still at 2:09pm.  Over by 2:30pm.  And now the second Special Session begins!

At 4:20pm I was able to watch the debate and vote.

(L) In favor because it sets measurable standards.  Not finished yet...at 6:06pm roll call vote unan. and now at 8:23pm, Transfer Act bill called (R)



HOUSE Special Session Monday September 27, 2021 beginning at 12:30pm.  In CT MIRROR story Speaker (r) says the GOP is right that this (COVID) isn't going away.

...It is now 2:13pm and Minority offering amendments and certainly objections to expending Executive Powers...vote to sustain having this vote because no public hearing on straight Party lines...standing at ease...4:40pm called and 10 Democrats joined GOP....
80-60 11absent..

House Special Session Wednesday July 14, 2021 at 9:30am - call:  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/agn/pdf/2021AGN00714-R01-AGN.pdf

Opening prayer, points of personal privilege.  Caucuses began 9:44am.  Almost an hour in, some movement on Majority side, not on Minority..."Will reconvene shortly..." 10:36am..

House Resolution 203 rules ok; Senate Res 501 OK.  House 502 costs of S.S. ok House print journal OK  73-56-11 non-voting.

Resolution HR 202:  "CT has done a fantastic jobs" - cowardly ac to continue.  Scenarios.  Here's one:  How long will the debate in the House take?  Democrat sees it as a need - but she has worked even harder during the pandemic.  Reason.  12pm to 1am lunch break for me.  After we returned the Minority Leader seems to be making a magnificent final argument against children having to wear masks any longer.  No evaluation missing.  College suicides.  Adjourn 1:23pm


HOUSE CONVENED BY SPEAKER RITTER - 10am gavel;  and we are off...at 10:06am both Parties went into Caucus.  If they call 1201 first that would be debate on legal pot.  Then they go into Special Session, approve rules and debate Implementer..
We returned after 2pm to find the discussion about "home grown" pot in your basement (dried leaves in your basement).  Need a live plant in potential criminal trial.  Can't be arrested.  Can be given a sumons....up to page 47 of 830 plus pages...2:30pm.

We then decided to reward ourselves to enjoy Weston - guess what?  More plants!!!  Weston Library having a great Zoom series of education lectures!  Now it is 3pm and back to the House cannabis bill...

Considering what I just read in THE COURANT...the House may be offereing another amendment this evening and approve it to the satisfaction of the Governor...and then the Senate will have to vote once the amended bill (as an amendment by the House this time).  Will the Senate be able to pass this?  Or will pot go up in smoke for this Special Session?

5:42pm still talking...Amendment 'C'...voting, Party Line.  Amendment 'D' - just make it legal for everyone over 21.  Libertarian approach.  "Smoke & mirrors" rather than MJ discussion...vote on 'D'  21 - 114 (16).  Did not go to Public Health Committee...6:30pm Dr. Petit.  Doesn't think anyone should use MJ.  Rep. Steinberg agrees that it should have gone  to PH Committee.  He will vote "Yes."  "Home Grown" still his issue - why do this?  Uncontrolled.

Amendment 'E' from Rep. Steinberg.  Cut out "home grown."  Hah!!!   Now why they didn't send it to PH Committee???  "Highly irresponsible."   Steinberg withdraws his amendment.  Scramble, corruption...what about unionization - just like the Teamsters - and there never was any suggestion that Jimmy Hoffa is involved with this "Emergency Certified" bill.  Should Lachat have a pot farm (in the 135th)?  "Grassroots economy" - actually it is!!!

CLOSING DAY House Session June 9, 2021

House Session at 11:30am Wednesday - looks like a Special Session coming up...at 3:16pm they are waiting to make sure the Biennial Budget passes in the Senate - description section by section on-going...7:08 called to Session...HB6106 unan. HB5201 passes...then they have to go to the Senate?  HB6048 - prohibiting greyhound racing in CT at 8:30pm...last action to unanimously approve conveyance of land in New Haven and some others, too, unan.

So what if the newspapers said the Long Session "ended with a whimper."  Very gracious speeches by Minority and Majority Leaders with full HOUSE in attendance.  Speaker particularly proud of only 3 Session Days linger than 1am and only one that went 'il 3am.


June 8, 2021 Session Day

House goes into caucus mode Tuesday 6-8-21 at @10am. 
Special Session could be soon (Thursday - "PT" various bills to Thursday and longer Special Session.  "Implementer" in the House budget already).

WE WILL CHECK OUT THIS COMPLAINT OUT AS SOON AS IT IS POSTED ON CGA "watch now" - only on INSTANT and that disappeared.  Will any newspaper follow up?  CT MIRROR article here - Senatorin question at right.
House Minority Leader who objected to not very civil behavior in the long Session meeting last evening - and in shocking accusation GOP reports that one new provision in pot bill was a special item for a specific company to help with we think one company with connections.

...at 12 noon back to action...1:52pm..amendment 'B' 6687 one Republican voting yes - 'B' fails, 'C' too. Bipartisan 3'D' and 4'R'.  HB6688 (highway use fee) - can't find it!!!.  SECRET BILL. from FR&B?  No, we think this is a Emergency "Cert" bill - surprise!  3:42pm...we are taking a break...one telling fact is that the clock is ticking and no budget yet...but it has to come before the budget???  PUBLIC HEARING?  YES - as part of Governor's Budget, HB6443 - which had a hearing - and we know that this is a shell game on steroids.  We are out of here @4:10pm.  6:03pm inflation effect.  "Mileage tax" next?  THE TAX TO END ALL TAXES.  Truck charge argument.

Illustration of more comparison of fees and taxes  Does it violate Commerce Clause of Constiution? 
Small trucking company...recycling costs increase?  Where is public testimony?  Gives the Legislature a bad name.  State by state recording of taxes by trucks.  PASSED



WE GOT ON TIME TO HEAR Democrat info on the Session last three (or more) days...quickening.

House Monday 6-7-21 11am - if bills not run today, they probably won't get there.
...SB763 for Paratransit drivers have to report any signs of abuse  of elderly...Unan.  But fiscal note indicates to me that no politician would dare to vote against this, but how much will cost - who knows?  And who cares - not to be enforceable?   11:33am.
SB909 Husky 'B' - from Husky plus.  Great answers by Rep. Garibay.  Unan.
SB955 'A' Rep. Abercrombie explains amendment 'A' (combines several bills related) - Unan...SB1055 unan...we're off to lunch 12 noon.  HB6652...at2:20pm we got back to House...6652...
6484 Transportation 'A'- is this the death knell of rail? Back-seat seat belts ("infraction" secondary - can't pull over vehicle for back-seat infraction)...3pm we took a break until 3:30pm and they are still on 6484; passes at 3:39pm 134-14...
SB363 hate crimes 3:50pm - why double stand?  Voting 5:54pm Party line...nothing new and we are tired...will have to follow up tomorrow with news reports...

SATURDAY HOUSE SESSION 12noon - we tuned in late (2:17pm) having been virtually attending LWVCT CONVENTION  - SB261 as amended...still going strong at 3:42pm...still active at 8:30pm...

Harry Arora asks when is a crime a crime...9:30pm...Rep Rebimbas stands up to tell the full story on SB1059;  "Ombudsman" fiscal note.  What is the current policy?  Cutting to the chase...10:16pm and we are out of here.

HOUSE JUNE4,  2021 at noon...1:47pm...2:22pm

HOUR report on all CGA stuff Friday:  https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Bills-advance-on-civil-rights-solitary-16226175.php?src=nwkhpdesecp

SB920 'A' Public Private Partnership...
bi-partisan approval - 1007-38.

debate on epipen. cartridge2 no votes..  Rep. Fishbein speaks in favor.  Both Parties announce caucuses, 3:10pm...6:13pm, back from dinner and SB1091 amendments coming (Domestic Violence)

House Thursday June 3, 2021 at 10:30am
Glass recycling an "opportunity" since China won't take glass (bottles) anymore. 
The question at hand.  Then,  (l-r) demi-boutaille, magnum, boutaille and "nip" - no one got everything they wanted.

...11:35am SB927 begins...sewage spills.
Level of fines - especially when only a drop is released (used to be 5000 gals).  Looks bipartisan vote...11 no and 7 absent.127-11.  11:46 caucus both...back at1:22pm.  "Redemption Centers" need to be able to recycle glass...

SB1037 Solid waste management - Bottle Bill.  Rep. Mushinsky tells the story of how the recycling process has worked - must be updated.  How will the "nips" money come back to municipality...more talk, now 4:33pm...dinner bell rings...and in the end, ir passes in a bi-partisan vote - 31-1 in Senate and 105-42 in the House.

Sen. Cohen got this over the finish line!

Which bills will be up for debate?  Not all of them, I am sure!
House Wednesday June 2, 2021, 10:30am - HOUSE CALENDAR

...tuning in at 11:26am for the announcement of GOP caucus...sSB2 at 12:55pm..."social and emotional learning" part of public questions.

sSB2: The OLR report - https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/BA/PDF/2021SB-00002-R01-BA.PDF
More on "cheese sandwich" - amendment 'A' on Juvenile detention 6 hr limit.  Rep. Perillo responds.  Who is paying or not paying the bill?  What is in the bill parents get?  It is now after 4:30pm...

House Tuesday June 1, 2021 10:30am

...We tuned in and hour late -sHB6574 - Code of Ethics, unanimous. 142-0.
Next, F.O.I. bill HB6576 exempting some employees from having their personal info exposed.  Amendment 'A' - exempts Rep. Fox from having to expose this info by his own e-mail.

Zoning takeover debate.  Public Hearing should have been at P&D - but that was the plan all along...which is what made quite a few naive Republicans angry.  Stories of racism, and symbolism of Tulsa 100 year anniversary...


We're back @1pm.  SB1.  Amendment 'A' proposes to strike attack on zoning.  Commission to Study only. House 'A' fails party line.

...Quoting from HOUR report, Rep. Dubitsky is quoted as saying:  “It’s true that there’s only one little portion of [the bill] that mentioned zoning. But that one little portion opens the door to a study with regard to virtually every aspect of zoning in this state,” said Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin. “That should have gone through the Planning and Development Committee. There’s been plenty of discussion all session about zoning, about disparities in zoning and about what to do about it. That’s where this discussion should have been.”

Woodbridge Rep. says hey no problem.  Disparities innate.  Education has systemic racism.  New Commission - how many?  Any radical change in education theory?  School Choice?  We stepped away for a few minutes and when we got back (4:45pm)...it was over. 6O6pm...

Up to amendment 'c' SB999 Climate Change - from the Labor Committee - this was one of those "strike all" Amendment 'A' - has OFA done analysis of impact on all residents?  'D' Party line vote - rejected.
Underlying bill yet?

SESSION DAY Thursday May 27, 2021, 10:30am

...We tuned in at @11am - sHB6399 beinga debated (if you wonder why only Republicans question bills being amended on the spot...it is because, we think, the Majority is in charge and they don't want to take the time to let Minorrity rad it in advance...maybe?).  Or not?  Youth Risk Behavior Board-  are they sure this is OK with CDC?  We went to lunch...to return to find HB6599 re:  Explanatory document on motor  vehicle accident report by police officer approved unan. OK 

Amendment 'A' -  'c' felonies no longer in the bill.
sSB1019 - Board of Pardons & Paroles - erasures.  Is this in violation of Federal Law.  Unan.

8:22pm...we're out of here.

SESSION DAY Wednesday May 26, 2021 at 10:30am...

At 10:52 we tuned in - sHB6666.  New language?  'B' strikes specific section removing privacy.  Lawyer language sloppy.  'B' rejected 30 -111.  Is Yale the only one who has digital access?
28 no.117 yes.  we're off to lunch at 11:37am.  Now in Caucus 12:46pm.  We're back at 2:30pm...

Municipal Taxation and Incentivising Regionalization as modified.("strike all");   Gulford Charter:  https://ecode360.com/12053221
Does it cut out municipalities? 
Can unions get around Towns?
Towns cannot have things in their Charter?
Charter reform the third rail of local government - Scanlon.  He admits he never served in local government.  But CCM wants this bill???  Every Republican voted "no" and half a dozen, approx. Democrats did as well.

88-49, Rep. Hughes votes yes.  3:31pm we're taking a break.  Standing at ease 4:47pm...by 5:30pm-ish, over!

SESSION DAY - Tues. May 25, 2021 12 noon


...We are here at 1:05pm...HB6504 an act concerning animal welfare as amended - unan.  144-0.  So is Rep. Elliot working for a health food store anymore?

HB6441 Climate Change Adaptations - 'a'
Tax removed.  "Stormwater Authority" - this will be why is this being done (allowing municipalities) - run off is the culprit.   Created by local action.  Special carve out for hospitals (lower max. tax) - fees to be assessed must be approved by local legislative body.  "Green Bank" allowed to establish environmental infrastructure fund.  Storm water Boards can invest in maintaining flood control and other similar things.  Farms impervious surfaces.  What is a storm sewer system?  Not just a drain, catch basin on roads, driveways?  What about roof drains on homes?  "Another tax" argument.  2:36pm vote...by partisan "Yes" (13 GOP) 105-39.

HB6375 - Sexual assault at colleges...we're out of here 3:26pm.


Focus on equity definition - we missed debate on compromise bill voting by Absentee without Constitutional Amendment; budget, clean slate, SB1, etc. to come - TCI-airpollution in budget - gas shortages, SPECIAL SESSION?  Zoom???

SESSION DAY - Monday May 24, 2021 11am starts on time...HB5312 unanimous - businesses can't refuse to take cash...we're off to lunch!


Constitutional Amendment they just passed?  Definition of "sickness?"  No COVID, still same need?  Whose illness...
no pandemic, same standard?  Overseas voters?  City folks who are afraid they will be prosecuted for voting if they have voted cutting corners?  Snookering us (intent)?  YUP.

HB6205 -
up to 'c' "isn't this already allowed?" - strikes language.  Why 90 days?  Because they should slow the trampling of Regulation Review process?  Amendment is to coordinate answers given by Sec'y of the State's office.  Which made sense to new Rep, but is inclined to vote "no" on 'c'...at ease, we hope that there will be an agreement on this one not to extend the debate down the long list of amendments proposed...we fell asleep...but they are "standing at ease" which is not in CAUCUS, so maybe they are compromising on an amendment or 2 or 3 plus?  It is 3:12pm now...4pm now.

Back in Session 4:08pm - voting on 'c' - looks like straight party-line...then comes debate on the underlying bill...51-92.  France:  "Selectively" codified the Constitution - why only selectively doing this?

Underlying bill passes 117-28...4:30pm we cut out...

non-binary wording.  Sex and gender...

SESSION DAY begins at 10:30am, May 20, 2021

3 bills combined...We tuned in for insurance bills/re-insurance...some questions 11:15am.  As amended, Unan.  136-0 - 15 absent.  Republican caucus at 11:34am...sHB6621 underway 1:10pm...

sHB6107 Accessory apartments (2:16pm) - "matter of right" does not mean local rules are not in prime spot - (actually what Weston does now as of right if conditions are met) same thing here, according to Chair. of P&D.  Cluster standards???  Don't know.  (we had to go 2:20pm).  We're back at 3:19pm!  Apartment permits still going strong!  Pre-existing non-conforming use allowed to increase non conformity - no variance required in this substituteHB6107.  Health code for over use of septic systems?  Still able to act to protect environment (septic system in this case).  Jan. 1, 2023 opt out of get dumped on.  Affordable housing and accessory apartments - got to be deed restricted.  Who is going to monitor it being affordable???  8-30g to culprit.  ZEO not held liable to make sure apartments are affordable ("arbitrary & capricious").  Mandatory  training isn't really mandatory.  TOP DOWN OR BOTTOM UP?  Air-B&B?  Attack on zoning commissions.  5:04pm we're back!  Downtown Chaplin CT - an example of 169 towns.  Vote on Dubitsky' amendment Party line.
We can't imagine what the vote will be...Hughes "Yes"

Leaders close - VOTE  including House 'A' 7 Dems voted no - bill passes.

HB6451 - Gaming - online.  Passes - 22 no votes.

SESSION DAY  begins at 10:30am, May 19, 2021
House opens for business, then at 10:57am goes into recess...to me this means some big bills are due to emerge...or not?  "Members to the Chamber or your portals - 5 minute warning" at 11:43am.

Pesticide applicators at 11:56am - we are off to lunch...and back @1pm to discussion of abortion SB835...we are going to catch a few rays...3:13pm...4:17pm Party line after many amended rejected...and here we are back for a quick look @7pm  still discussing...8:10pm...

Session day HOUSE May 13, 2021, 11am no long on the schedule...

Session day HOUSE May 12, 2021 10:30am

...Just started, honoring nurses.

HB6106 - clarifies tax exemption for homeowners solar investment.  For sure residents - 3rd party have to give benefit?   Net metering?    Section 'E' - new?  129-5.

CAUCUS (to me that is the advanced warning of a hot bill coming up - or having an early lunch prior to a big debate when members could have put in a morning of work prior...)  HB6626 voting at 1:20pm - (1) "no" vote - 145-1.

HB6588 - psychotropic drugs.  'A' voice vote "aye"

HB6382 'A' -
P.S.A. answering points.  Looks like taskforce '22 and action'23.  127-21 (?) bipartisan.

HB6355 'A' - guns tightening up - looks bipartisan...93-55

HB6491 - stun guns close up (Taser up to 15 feet) "electronic defense weapon" - 'A' - date of effectiveness, can't taken in automobile.  Unan...we took a break, it is now 4pm...

SB753 - Amendment on redistricting?  This is the bill will not use U.S. Census?  Voting by incarcerated persons by where the lived previous to incarceration ("last known address")???  Department of Corrections to track data???  Just a comment by moi - this is a fraud on meaning of "residence").  Bill is a mess, IMHO.  However, it passes on a strict Party line vote.  92-51

Session day HOUSE May 11, 2021 12 noon.
Yada yada...caucus...big one coming up? 1:46pm, still in caucus (I think it was1pm when they went into recess...) back in 2:20pm

H.J.R.371 - State Plan of C&D 2018-2023
Would this this affect local towns.  Move the process along...not unanimous.  133-14.

HB6645 - next Plan:  'A' clarification of the whole mess.
Voice vote on amendment...unan.  Then we got a call and missed the next (Party line vote)...standing at ease...

HBB6665 - restrictive covenants and race on marriage license out of records.  'A' - Condo as amendment included - voice vote "aye."

H.J.R. 58 - "no excuse absentee voting"
Applications for absentee ballot sent out by Sec'y of the State - rejected previously (2015).  Voter rolls not up to date, no ID required.  No way to figure out who signed absentee ballots.  'A' - nope.

'B' - another one - absentee ballot needs check - no unsolicited ballots mailed out.  53-95.  'C' 53-95;  'D' - bipartisan?  Debate.  Drum roll...3/4 to put it on the ballot one shot - nope.  104-44. 
On ballot in November (I could be wrong - COURANT suggested this might have to wait until next Session in 2022) but also this simple majority needs next legislature (on ballot in 2024) to confirm...8:11pm.

We called it a day...how much longer will have gone?  We bet 12 hrs...nope. only until 8:20pm - unless this discounts the "standing at ease" time, which is probably the case!!!

May 6, 2021 at 10:30am.  Presser below...

Speaker, Majority leader wants action on voting rights, Sec'y of the State too.

Session begins 8 minutes late only.   Mason's Rules

HB5158 breast feeding in workplace.
Questions regarding if this is based upon an official complaint?  Fuzzy proposal (my comment).  Is this explained or defined anywhere - "undo hardship" - according to Federal law?  Any data?  We are out of here 11:30am...back at 1:30pm...

Veterans Review Board - looks unanimous...and after some sun,(3pm) Clark Chapin SJR46.  filling term 2023 end of Robert Kane Auditor of public accounts.

Liiving Organ Donors Discrimination (amendments)...Rep. Hughes in favor.  Unan.  4PM and then...

And here comes some debate...we will be be watch local 4-ring circus so we'll let you know tomorrow! 

May 4, 2021 began 12 noon.  We tuned in, Rep. Mushinsky had the gavel...all these are bills with no opposition.  Twelve hours plus...

...Senate Bill 892 (@1:50pm unanimous, sent to Governor;  receiver ship bill next:  sHB6356, unanimous. HB6579 next:  Unan.  To Senate.  H.J.R. 50 next - Rep. Godfrey (r) explains this.  Unan. next to Senate...2:30pm.  As mentioned above, this one is a "political ploy."


HOUSE SESSION April 19, 2021 ends Tuesday morning, according to CT Mirror.
VACCINATIONS Mandated HB6423 on now, Monday April 19, 2021...2:12pm 106Y, 36N, 8 not voting.; move to table, send to Education Committee fails 57-85-8 not voting.
12 noon we get into amendments...by one pm Amendment 'A' still ongoing...2:30pm.  Rep.Betts slams the bill says CT is fifth in the nation for vaccinations - so asks why now?
3:12pm...by 11pm they are up to Amendment 'E' and in the "wee hours" of Tuesday morning it was over.

HOUSE SESSION March 25, 2021

Public Health and Civil Preparedness Emergency powers

HB6672 - Emergency Certification
April 20 to May 20 proposal.extension - Republicans argue that there has to be a loosening of the reins.
"...The provisions of this subsection shall not limit the Governor, or any department head, state agency or municipality from exercising any authority granted under said sections of the general statutes, from the effective date of this section through May 20, 2021, provided the exercise of such authority is done in accordance with said sections of the genera statutes. After May 20, 2021, nothing herein shall affect or limit any authority conveyed pursuant to section 19a-131a or 28-9 of the general statutes."

Special powers for Governor extended - https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/03/23/lamont-democrats-seek-to-extend-executive-powers-over-republican-objections/
PLUS a pro restaurant bill passed unanimously:  Extends out-door dining until Fall of 2022.

Still going on at 4:41pm...we'll pick up after dinner...5:52pm...Special Session 9-30-20

SPECIAL SESSION ongoing...first, appointments.   House on Wednesday, Senate on Thursday.

7001 - Transfer Act (Rep. Simmons brings it out from Commerce)  - speeds up clean up, discussion about environment.  Bipartisan.  VOTE:  Unanimous.

7003 - Hemp.  Federal rules changed and while they were at it. people used info to steal product - no more announcing locations of farms - unan. 143-0...

Tribute to outgoing Minority Leader and Speaker Joe.  Both of whom will not be back.

After dinner...the disaster bill.  What disaster - many different kinds.

"...The most time-consuming process for absentee ballots is opening two separate envelopes and then flattening out the ballots so that they can be placed into an electronic machine in the same way that voters place their ballots in the machine when voting in person. The outer envelope could now be opened in the four days before the election, and officials would make sure that the inner envelope had been signed to verify the vote. The inner envelope with the actual ballot would not be opened until election day."

7006 - Everything including the kitchen sink with be put on the power company.   Microgrids, resilience grants.  Rate increases.  Too big. 

Next Long Session he will ask for investigation for real solutions.  Why "may?" and more piling on Eversource.   "Break It Up" is the cry.

it is 8:30pm and it is obvious that 7006 will pass - but another better bill/study will be developed in the Long Session 2021. 

NOTE:  136 - 4 after a 3 1/2 hour debate.

LONG SESSION OVER JUNE 9, 2021 as well as Special Session...another planned for later on this summer.

WOODBRIDGE STORY - trial balloon for what I believe will be taken up in Special Session 2021 (just my opinion here in May 2021):  https://ctmirror.org/2021/05/14/woodbridge-officials-say-they-want-to-sign-off-on-all-multi-unit-developments/
Great article!  It gives me hope that a middle ground can be found.

SB1024 JF'd.  OLR summary: 

In-between Sessions one likes to look for what is brewing...WATCH NOW - Sara Bronin at St. Anselm's Dec. 10, 2021.

It is always interesting to hear someone talk in an out-of-state event - watch out next Session for no more "opt-out" provision!

Not SB1024 - sHB6107 - the is was the one:  https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/05/20/affordable-housing-bill-passes-with-questionable-impact/?utm_source=CTNewsJunkie%20Main%20List%20With%20Publication%20Groups&utm_campaign=eed9982169-MCP_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a493d2308d-eed9982169-95953073


Housing Committee as well as Planning & Development
Senator Hwang on Housing (Ranking Member) and on P&D in 2021.  He ran a Zoom on Land Use and Zoning Legislation impacting local communities on Youtube now
And now we know where the Woodbridge zoning challenge came from:  https://ctmirror.org/2021/05/06/woodbridge-zoning-multi-family-housing/

Last JF and JFS for P&D in long meeting March 31, 2021 has been going on for hours and hours...we are looking for 1024, 6107, 6611, 1066, 961.  "Blunt instrument" is being used to describe a particular bill but frankly, I would think that the previously mentioned bills might be described this way.  PARTY LINE on all bills we've listened to...and according to CT MIRROR this is what is going down...and now the Woodbridge Public Hearing on "racist" zoning is closed...

And a P&D meeting to deal with Tourism Bill substitute (HB6603) on Monday, April 12, 2021.  We are watching this at 2:30pm thanks to CT-N.

AN ACT CONCERNING TOURISM.  Introduced by the Commerce Committee

To (1) allow two or more municipalities in any regional tourism district to jointly appoint one representative to the regional tourism district boards of directors, and (2) require that a representative of the Connecticut Tourism Coalition be a member of the Connecticut Tourism Council.  Not the Tourism Caucus.

 Motion made by Co-Chair Sen. Casanno, seconded by Senator Hwang.  Role call to JF unan. by all present.

NEWS:  Sen. Haskell is Co-Chair. of Transportation:  The pedestrian safety bill referred to here:  https://ctnewsjunkie.com/2021/05/27/lawmakers-green-light-pedestrian-safety-bill/

At right Sen. Haskell, who is one neither of the Committees we follow.  Although we do watch his outreach on D.E.I. ("diversity, equity and inclusion").  Wilton story here:  https://www.fairfieldcitizenonline.com/news/article/Control-over-our-own-community-Fairfield-16091721.php?utm_source=CTNewsJunkie+Main+List+With+Publication+Groups&utm_campaign=b5799aeb7b-MCP_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a493d2308d-b5799aeb7b-95953073#taboola-2

Also, as Senate Co-Chair of Transportation, he might be interested to see what is happening in West Hartford TOD:  https://we-ha.com/west-hartford-looking-for-public-input-regarding-transit-oriented-development-zoning/?utm_source=CTNewsJunkie+Main+List+With+Publication+Groups&utm_campaign=e3bebfd6e6-MCP_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a493d2308d-e3bebfd6e6-95953073

Public Health Committee includes Chair. Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (from Westport at left) and Member Rep. Anne Hughes.  As well as Dr. Petit (r).

Rep. Steinberg (l) announces his candidacy for First Selectman of Westport this Nov. 2, 2021.

CT MIRROR article 6-3-21 measuring COVID-19 vaccination rate with socioeconomic indicators:  https://ctmirror.org/2021/06/03/dividing-lines-socioeconomic-boundaries-vaccine-rates-connecticut-svi/
PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE:  RACISM A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS:  https://ctmirror.org/2021/06/01/house-passes-bill-declaring-racism-a-public-health-crisis-in-connecticut/

INDOOR AIR QUALITY BILL FOR SCHOOLS originated in the Public Health Committee but was referred to the Education Committee to set up assistance to schools for have clean air and not contributing to COVID problem.
This bill has been around for years but suddenly discovered its purpose!!!  "Tools for Schools" program now includes this need.  State Department of Education to make it work...

PH COMMITTEE meeting March 29, 2021
Dr. Petit makes excellent points at Committee review of bill DPH might want but no "pro" testimony was persuasive so far.  And on April 30, 2021, Environment set to JF this:


To require (1) water companies to provide drinking water to consumers in the event of a water main break or loss of system pressure; (2) small community water systems to prepare capacity implementation plans; and (3) bottlers to test approved water sources for unregulated contaminants and report such results to the department.

Safe drinking water at Environment for JF:

2021 JF deadline looming!!!  (This note made on March 19th.)  For the most part, "JF" status means bills then go to the floor to be considered for new laws.

This Committee has set up Sub-Committees to deal with COVID-19 impact on Nursing Homes.
FROM PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE PUBLIC HEARING:  Link to May 11, 2020 consent order.
Interesting what you can learn when you dig deep into public documents...we have personal experience at the facility referred to, and all we knew at the time was that the initial outbreak at this facility had been devastating