S U M M E R    I N    W E S T O N
The school vacation ended before Labor Day...

September - still no budget for CT...

Landscape after Jackson Pollack
Had you noticed how when nature is left to its own devices it becomes an extension of the drip drip drip of abstract expressionism?

OMG!!!  Bridge is almost finished!
Took the TappanZee in the westbound direction, new bridge.  Still summer, but that there are Autumn leaves, no doubt about it!

What was that?
In case you hadn't heard, it was an oops moment for the Majority Party, as the GOP budget won the day in first the Senate and then later in the House.

Weston version of landscape art. - Barbizon  School-like.  September 11, 2001 was the day the world changed (c).  And it is more like Fall now, at least in appearance, in...Alaska!

Public Hearing W.H.S. Cafeteria Sept. 9, 2017:  10:31am - 12:55pm.  47 members of the public spoke.  FORUM covered this as well as Channel 79.


September has arrived.  In Texas it is going to be a long recovery from Hurricane Harvey, a really big storm originating in the Gulf of Mexico...and equal time to Atlantic Hurricane Irma...now taking on Florida.

School is back in session - before Labor Day
Please remember to enjoy days like these shown above.  We did mention that Weston's colors are green and green?  A nip in the air very early this morning...

Remember what I told you?  Watch out, Weston - from Courant, 8-24-17!  And in CT MIRROR.  Or another on YouTube.



H O W    I S    T H E    I M P L E M E N T E R   L I K E   1 9 8 4 ?  
Dark is light, light is dark.  Up is down, down is up.  The budget is written as an embossed grey mass of tiny markings hiding...no funding for Weston.



A N D    H O W    A B O U T    T H E    O T H E R     E . C . S .    G R A N T  ?
Discussion of "Suspense List" at Finance Board.  (Ch. Charley asks "woof?" - translation:  "Huh?")

August 16 deadline to pony up data the state already has?  Governor admits they have the data for FY'16...
Last question was answered with weasel words, apologies to the weasels:  When asked how the state would use the data, I inferred that the reply meant the State would use zeroing out state revenues as part of the solution.  For example, school aid NONE to Weston and on a sliding scale of 0 to some larger number, zero for Weston on the other "ECS" - excess cost special education - we're guessing here.   That's the one where after the first perhaps $100,000 per child, the state, with federal funds behind it, we think and we could be wrong, kicks in money to pay the remaining costs per child.

The people await opportunities to speak up on dog park.  But they didn't stay to listen to Board of Finance Chair. report his impressions of CT situation or reply to parent re:  air conditioning $$.

Weston Historical Society on August 4th honored as "W.H.S. DAY (actually proclamation is to the inspirational President, retiring)"
And then came DOG PARK dates for Public Hearing and Special Town Meeting.  It is always interesting to see who shows up and for which items on a Selectmen's agenda.  Woof, woof, woof!!!

August is a time for things like visiting far away places...like Seattle and Whidbey Island.
It is August and the sun is shining in Seattle - OMG!!!  Transportation modes including the pedestrian kind - what was that song again?  Take a ferry to various islands...at the Fair.

Mums the word - play-by-play here.

Senate debate on SEBAC gets no comment from 16 members - perhaps more significant than focus on the 3 Senators, not pictured, who dragged out the obvious?.

We believe we heard a number like "31% of the budget" was for funding this agreement - the commitment of CT $$???  And that was only this biennium???  Hold onto your pocketbook, Weston!

A politician who didn't have to hide his portrait in the attic (literary reference).  
I always thought Congressman Christopher Shays was the perfect representative for Weston. 

Kousa takes a deep breath after "micro-bursts" storm - "V" for victory!  Or is that "V" for "Veto Session" we wonder?
Is glad her delicate branches, perchance fortunately - not this season - weighted down with glorious displays (which are so amazing when they show up in force!!!), kept the faith!  Environment bills from Senate signed by the Governor.

D O I N G   P A R T I S A N     P O L I T I C S   N I C E L Y    I S    A N    A R T . . .
Most interesting stat  yet - yes, Weston IS rural as almost half in the dark Thursday...

July 11th "legislative wrap up" at Weston Library.  Amazing how much there is to keeping bad things from happening - thanks to our Legislators for their efforts! You could tell we have three different personalities representing our interests - logic, passion and determined personal engagement!

Red-flowering plants and/or bushes
They seem hardier - for example, this burning bush seems to just enjoy being a lovely green bush until fall.  I've always loved the articulation of the branches of this plant.

Flowers all summer and the deer don't like them - really!  Salmon at right from Seattle, but his relatives in Weston are concerned about the CT Water Planning Council catching the public unawares.


A rainy rainy day reminds me of my first encounter with Hydrangea bushes in the summer of 1954 and Hurricane Carol. 



Weston, Connecticut is in the woods.  It has forests that lend themselves to French Barbizon-school comparisons. 

Luminist painters:  A graphic trip to the beach reminds me of a thunderstorm scene by Martin Johnson Heade...and speaking of places to visit to view Hudson River painters, try Olana.

WESTON...hiding in the woods.  We are a step-child, with "parent" State of CT grants-in-aid smaller in proportion to the Town budget than my childhood allowance of $1 per week compared to family income (a slight exaggeration).
And so the official summertime season begins with a bang.  Shortly thereafter, expect fireworks at the Legislature.  The Governor is counting on two things, we think:  1)That people won't notice any difference if he keeps State Parks and Beaches open and   2)no Fairfield County towns will notice the difference because they don't get much $$...anyway, no biennial budget until the union contracts are extended another 5 years.
And in CT, thanks to "local control" towns & cities have their own beaches.

 Living in Weston in the summer is wonderful.
I always wonder why people would go on vacation away from Weston in the summertime.  I think there might be some reasons to do so if you were not brought up in NYC.  Or another big city.  Last year we explored Paris c. 1971 (link is to full "tour")  This year we will revisit our trips to "The Queen City" - Seattle...or whatever nickname it has at the moment.*

The architecture of the forest is rather primeval.  On the other hand, it is really into programming - all the "X-O" iconography in the landscape is sometimes overlooked!  **.

Personally, I find the natural lines in landscape every bit as exciting as the drama of light and shade.

= From Wikipedia -   and lots of other nicknames including "Gateway to Alaska" and the "Emerald City" or what I think is the best one - "The Home of Starbucks" - considering that it rains all the time, lots of black coffee needed.
** = From...observation - but with an artist eye for geometry!

The month of June comes to an end along with the Long Session.
Temps picking up and would you believe it - even tho' they control both House and Senate (Dem Lt. Gov. breaks ties) and have a Dem Gov - the Party of blue can't deliver a budget.  No CT beach fees, no  lifeguards.  CT forests?

Did we mention that the Speaker of the House (l) not prepared to act on a CT budget until his union tells him what to do?
What we deduced from the drama Tuesday...and now Thursday - when in doubt. blame Republicans.  But wait...maybe "tier one" state employees are aging out by now?

Always a storm brewing.
We're betting no agreement on a biennial budget - if only because the Governor tipped his hand by saying the budget had to balance...which is a bad joke.

Looking for green?  All about the light, JMO.  And the drama of nature. 
Summer landscape in Weston is green, green and more green.  For reference, the bright lights in the natural environment are almost as glaring as those at C.G.A.  School's out for summer!!!

The Legislature has work to do...coming back for Special Session June 29th?
We would hope for a restful summer vacation,  but that is unlikely, considering that the Legislature has yet to pass a biennial budget and time is running out until the beginning of the next fiscal year July first.