An example of idea of adaptive reuse of historic properties.  Who would have thought that Hudson and Weston had more than a few letters in common? 
Why is it important to have a Main Street and a Cross Street
Impact on parallel street, too, as we later learned there would be?
Merritt Parkway structures and let us not forget that this is an example of great landscape planning public venture! but subject to blackmail by C.G.A.?  With friends in the right places or not?


The Hudson River, 21st century;  the type of nature painting unique to America began in the Hudson River Valley and its "school";  Frederick Edwin Church's Olana preserved.  Olana is away from downtown, with "country" look similar to Claverack (lots of fields) - but Claverack has Dutch farm houses close to the street and not "Persian" mansions high on a hill!

From About Weston's 1970 master's thesis on historic and architectural landmarks in Hudson and Claverack, N.Y.:  Original art @1970.   The survival of Olana not at all a certainty when this thesis and its illustrations done.

The character of the "main" street and the "cross" street in downtown Hudson should have made the backbone for any redevelopment or as it turned out, rebirth, of the city.  That was our assumption.  And Hudson has flourished as the years went by, becoming, we understand, an arts and antiques-centered community!

THE INTRODUCTION Necessary to retain backbone of historic development of the city and its suburb.

Religious institution on the "main street"

Single family homes on the main street, also - this one near the river...and some further away from the river...

One of several churches, but this was also on the main drag.

Multifamily residences
on the mail street

On a cross street on the way to the court house.  Now offices for lawyers, we think.

Cross street housed major institutions, such as the court house square and at the other end, what is now the Department of Taxation (above).  Not pictured here:  the County Courthouse (which look exactly like a courthouse of the vintage of other landmarks illustrated)!

Weston, CT Historic Districts
as established by the Historic District Commission
Source:  Town Plan of C&D, 1987;  enlarge by clicking here.

Two-Acre Residential and Farming comes from our farming heritage!